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    @thunderbolt - thank you very much! They are identical
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    Hi everyone. I'm so sorry that I haven't kept up with everyone, I got so sick about 3 weeks ago and I'm now feeling better to do my usual stuff. So I have read all the posts, but it would be way too long to reply to every single one. But, CONGRATS bab on your healthy twins, so great that you made it to 36 weeks and were able to have a vaginal birth!!
    Sara - LOVE LOVE the middle name!
    And I'm glad to see everyone has been pretty healthy so far. A lot of the questions I can't answer as I'm a first time mom, but you gals sure give great advice.
    As for me, even though I was sick and lost 7 pounds because of it, Astrid is doing great and the doc said she is measuring perfect, so I'm just glad to be feeling better. But I'm 35 weeks now and so tired all the time. My husband has been great, taking care of me, our dog, working, and the nesting bug totally hit him! I'm lucky that my sister is done having kids and is getting rid of all her baby stuff right as I found out I'm pregnant. So she gave us a crib, dresser/changing table, book shelf, toy shelf, exersaucer, play n pack, toys, books, and tons of clothes (seriously, I'm solidly good for the first year) and also gave me some breastpads (which is good, cause I'm starting to leak some). Well while I was sick, my husband got everything in the baby's room put together and set up and did all the baby laundry. It was neat to walk in there and it's all done! And birthing classes started for us on Monday, so far so good. But now I'm kinda worried about all the postpartum stuff. Like the first time you have to go to the bathroom, the bleeding, the uterine contractions, and all the healing and taking care of down there. I'm getting anxious over nothing, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bex.marie View Post
    But now I'm kinda worried about all the postpartum stuff. Like the first time you have to go to the bathroom, the bleeding, the uterine contractions, and all the healing and taking care of down there. I'm getting anxious over nothing, right?
    Yeah, honestly don't worry about it. The first BM after birth isn't pleasant but its not agonizing, you'll be able to handle it (just have lots of fruit & fiber). The bleeding is like a heavy period so just make sure you get some heavy duty pads (extra long with wings) and change it often. The uterine contractions aren't bad with your first baby, it really just feels like a tightening in your belly when you're breastfeeding - and they are helping your uterus get back into position so the discomfort is at least a good sign that everything is getting back to normal. And for healing I don't know about dealing with tears or whatever, but the nurses at the hospital will tell you how to take care of yourself down south. If your tearing is minimal you can just clean yourself well with the squeezy bottle (warm water) every time you use the bathroom, and if you start swelling or whatever you can apply some witch hazel, or make a little ice pack to put down there, or just wet a black tea bag & apply that to help with swelling & pain.
    Its not fun but it will be the least important thing on your mind when you're going through it - you will be busy figuring out the mom thing & admiring your sweet little baby.

    OK I bought a set of Lily Padz today & they are amazing. So much better than the disposable bra pads I've tried or the cotton ones you can wash (that bunch up like crazy, aren't very absorbent & get lost in the laundry the same way socks disappear) that I used after I had Azula. These guys are silicone & suction to your boobs so you don't leak milk everywhere, and you just wash them with a little soapy water & let them air dry while you're in the shower & then just slap them back on again. I am so excited to stop leaking through my shirt every time I feed! You can even wear them swimming, how cool is that? I'm interested in seeing whether they get sweaty or how breathable they are - time will tell.
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    I tried Lily Padz with my first and they totally didn't work! Well, sometimes they did but not always. I had some pretty heavy leakage though...I think it would get too much for them and they'd fall off. I wonder if they are better now. I hate the idea of all the trash the disposable ones make but they are really the only thing that seems to work for me.

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