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    Here's a picture with both girls. Haha, Corey captioned it "Guys, I'm still here!". Total photobomb.
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    Haha Azula deserves a award for that photobomb! Very cute!

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    All of you doing renovations while pregnant seriously have my admiration. I think I would be going nuts if we had work going on in the house right now!

    I've been having tons of contractions this morning but doubt it means anything. They're sporadic but uncomfortable. I don't want anything to really happen until after Friday (37 weeks) anyway, but I wouldn't say no to some progress. This happened with my first a week before I went into "real" labor and got me to 3cm. I figure anything that can buy me some progress that I don't have to accomplish in labor is a good thing.

    Love the photobomb pic and also Corey's comment! So true!

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    I'm due March 16th, 2014! We are not finding out the gender. Cheers.

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