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    @frances... Thank you for the story about your sons circumcision experience. We are having a boy and it's been a hot topic between DH and myself. I absolutely do not want to do it and he wanted to because he is and he was worried about teasing. After some research he is slowly changing his mind, but I'll let him in on your story too. I was going to start a circumcision thread mainly to see stats of how many are and are not but I didn't want to start a big debate over it. I plan to ask my pediatrician what the stats are locally. Nationally it's close to 50/50 but I think regionally it fluctuates quite a bit. I hope Hal has a speedy recovery!

    @katie, congratulations on your beautiful little girl!!!

    I read and caught up but I was so behind I can't remember what else I wanted to comment on

    I went in to my OB today because I was not getting the number of kick counts they told me to check for (10 in 2 hrs). Until this weekend I never did a formal kick count because this baby didn't stop moving. All the sudden I was like where is he? So I counted and drank ice water and ate and did all the things to get him moving and was still coming up short all weekend. Of course, that little bugger kicked and wiggled more than I've felt in weeks the instant I was hooked up to the monitor! The nurse practitioner looked at me a little funny when she saw how active he was. If this was my first baby I probably would have been embarrassed but being my third I was just amused as it figures he would throw a party then! Im just relieved he's doing well! I'm 33 weeks now, nesting is in full swing and if I didn't need sleep I'd be organizing and cleaning all day and night! Anyone else?

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    I'm alive.

    As I only have a few minutes since I hear Keegan stirring, I'm just going to give the basics.

    First - I'm about a week behind the thread, but I am trying to catch up! Good luck to all who are still awaiting babies!
    Second - I wish my darned tablet would actually submit the posts I write, I've tried this a few times, and this is my first time on an actualy computer in almost a month.

    So, both boys were in the NICU for a time... I can't believe how exhausting the NICU can be! Since I couldn't be there 24/7 because of Weston and my husband going back to work (he wanted to save his paternity leave for when the boys were home), I'm pretty much exclusively pumping... And it's going ok, but not great.

    After their circumcisions on the 24th, Keegan had a couple of setbacks. He was the leader for so long, that it was kind of a shock. Nothing serious, he just couldn't handle general stress well. As such, Sebastian was actually released from the NICU on the 31st. We had him home alone for 4 days. I don't know if that was easier than having both home. Juggling the weather and a baby at home, anddaily trips to the NICU was crazy. Thankfully, Keegan was released from the NICU on Saturday. I love having our babies home with us, even if I am exhausted all the time, and generally feel like a milk cow.
    It's just nice to be able to stay in my jammies all day and not leave the house. I literally was at the hospital every day from 12/12 until 1/4. Always on the go, no time for rest or recovery.

    Sebastian was in the NICU for 2 weeks and 5 days, Keegan was in for 3 weeks and 2 days - not very long in the NICU scheme of things.

    Next step - the birth story and announcement.
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    I only have a sec, but wanted to say how glad I am to hear you guys are doing well, Greci! I can't wait to hear how Weston has been enjoying his new brothers, since he always has awesome things to say Also, I EP'd for 13 months, and I know it's no cake walk while caring for ONE baby, so please PLEASE feel free to PM me if you need to chat, vent, or anything in between. Hugs and congrats!
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    greci, so glad the boys are both home and things are going well! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

    Well, now I have to chime in on circumcision. My boys are circumcised and I really regret it. The first time both DH and I were really unsure of what to do, with DH leaning slightly towards it. I just didn't feel like there was a compelling reason to do it, but wasn't dead set against it either. I admit I didn't really do my research which is completely strange for me, but I think I just thought, well I don't have a penis so what do I know? Then weeks before delivery a (now refuted) study came out stating that circumcision reduced AIDS and STD I thought, ok, maybe that's our compelling reason, and we went ahead with it.

    Since my 2nd was born at home, we didn't have him circumcised until a week old. I was really dreading it because this time I was going into it NOT in support of it at all, but we felt we had to since #1 was. (While I don't think sons need to match Dads AT ALL, I just didn't feel that siblings needed one more VERY PERSONAL reason to cut each other down over the years.) Our backup OB did it in his office, DH was in the room and came out green and sweaty. I have never seen him look like that before, or again. It was also clear, since we'd known this baby for a week already, that it hurt him a fair amount afterwards With DS1 since it was done 24 hours after birth, we just thought he was fussy about something else. With DS2, who had been totally laid back and calm for a week, it was a noticeable change for a few days afterwards when he was fussy and cranky.

    ANYWAY...I don't think my boys are scarred or that it will be a problem for them later or anything like that, but I also really did not want to have to do it again, so much so that we almost didn't try for #3. Thank goodness she's a girl and I don't have to worry about it.

    Also, from what I've seen in my friend group and in the locker rooms at swim classes, my kids are actually in the minority for the liberal cities we've lived in.

    I guess the bottom line is, I'm not anti-circumcision AT ALL. I am anti people not doing adequate research like I did. It was probably the only cavalier decision I made surrounding my birth/my son's health and I never could have imagined that 3 years later I'd be in the heart-wrenching position of having to submit #2 to something I felt so against with every bone in my body (and, yeah, I know we could have foregone it with #2, I actually have a friend that did this, but it didn't feel like the right decision for our family.)

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    Greci-so glad to hear about you and the boys! Glad everyone is home and thriving. Looking forward to the details of your birth story.

    I felt the need to second what Thunderbolt wrote. My husband and I wanted to have Hal circumcised from the very beginning. However, probably because we didn't find out the gender ahead of time, it was one of those things that didn't seem real until AFTER it had already happened, and by that point, it was too late. I don't regret the circumcision itself (to me, you can find support for or against having it done. It is a very personal decision that mom and dad have to figure out together), what kills me is that I wasn't more proactive about who was doing it. The two major potential problems seem to be: taking too much skin off (you will need skin grafts to fix) or leaving too much skin on (this was Hal's issue, but the easier problem to fix later.) Much like Thunderbolt, I didn't have a penis myself, and I've always liked the way my husband's looked , so it NEVER crossed my mind to research who would be doing my son's. I especially want to encourage first time mom's to speak up, ask questions, talk to the nurses, do your homework, etc!! We still plan on having Kurt circumcised, but I'm having the specialist who "corrected" Hal's do it. After labor and delivery, you are exhausted and somewhat out of it, so that is not the time to start your research. Good for you VitaMom for doing your research EARLY. Be as informed as possible so you can focus on your new bundle of joy without being worried about something like this.
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