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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    The uterine contractions with BFing are totally worse the 2nd time, aren't they? I've heard they get worse every time, eesh.
    YES. Oh my god, the uterine contractions are so much worse this time. Nobody told me! I can hardly complain, since otherwise I am feeling totally fine. Up & walking around, I didn't tear or anything so there's no pain Down Under (props to Evening Primrose oil), I already had my first post partum poop (no big deal, probably thanks to the lack of meds).
    And my milk is coming in strong, which is wonderful because little Indie has already lost 9% of her body weight - probably cause labour was so short she was still all full of mucous when they weighed her. So my only complaint is having to wake her up every 2 hours to BF (and deal with those killer contractions)... Tonight is the first night we'll have both our little ladies here, and Azula's sleepovers with my in-laws have completely thrown off her sleep schedule. So wish us luck! I am going to be seriously exhausted tomorrow.

    Frances, that outfit is my favourite! I love the NB ones with the little sleeves that fold over. The one in the picture is a well loved hand-me-down from Azula.
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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    Thunderbolt- Just had to add my two cents, I absolutely LOVE the name Hazel. If this baby had been a girl, Hazel would have been a front-runner for us. I like your other names too, just something extra special about that name to me.

    Sara- no need to apologize! I aspire to be as thoughtful as you in your responses. (Sigh) Maybe one day, but I doubt it. Good luck on the kitchen remodel. I'm glad to know your husband grew up in a house that was constantly undergoing renovations, as that seems like our destiny at the moment.

    Side note to those of you pregnant with baby boys. I don't want to dive too deep into this topic, because everyone has their own opinions, but FYI, we had to have Hal's circumcision re-done today. It has been a traumatic process for all involved, and has left me super stressed about not repeating the same thing with Kurt. IF you are having a boy, and IF you decide to have him circumcised, PLEASE do yourself a favor and find out who will be doing it. If you are concerned in ANY way, you can request the hospital not do it and find YOUR own doctor within a month of bringing baby home. Just wanting anyone else to avoid this situation if possible. Hopefully, the worst is over and Hal will be healed by the time Kurt is born and won't remember any of this as an adult.
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    Due Feb 3rd, Gender is a Surprise!

    Did not know about this thread. We are due February 3 with #2, though it feels like it will be any day. We have chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, same as last time. Best moment of my life, looking forward to sharing it again with DH.

    If it's a boy: John Thatcher

    If it's a girl: Gemma Lucy or Lucy Gretchen, terribly torn between the two.

    Baby is VERY active all the time and has dropped so very heavy in lower abdomen, definitely making getting around and caring for a two year old difficult. LOTS of Braxton Hicks too.

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    sara, just reading all your plans makes me tired! I'm waiting for that extra burst of nesting energy, but with just over a month to go it's nowhere to be found this time. Luckily there's not TOO terribly much we need to get done.

    frances, thank you for the vote of confidence on Hazel! I truly think that would be the one if not for the fact that I worry about popularity. It just FEELS right, yk? And then the other night I stumbled across this poem that I love and even though it's not even really about the hazel bough it just made me feel even more connected to the name:

    kitkat, welcome! I commented on your other thread but I really like both your girl options! Hard choice!

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