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    Thanks greci! I just started a new thread about this, too get as many opinions as possible from moms who have had different experiences! But I am curious- did the day long class seemed rushed? With our circumstances right now, I am almost thinking it may be the best option for my husband and I. We have obligations on Tues/Thurs nights and my husband may be signing up for a couple night classes soon, so I don't know what evenings we will have open! And I really want him to be there as well. I am just concerned that it may seem rushed and not sink in as well to do the day long class!

    Hang in there while setting up the rooms! Sounds like it should be fun, but tiring as well. Exciting that you are so close!!! I can't wait to start seeing birth announcements from this group!

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    Greci, glad to hear your blood pressure is so good. That is always excellent news with twins!

    Babylove, IMO, a one-day class would be just fine. There is only so much 'learning' they can share with you, before you just have to 'live it' to understand it. Birthing a baby is one of those things, unfortunately. However, the classes did help ease my anxiety and in that sense they were very helpful.

    I'm at 26 weeks and going to get tested for G. Diabetes next week. Fingers crossed I don't have it, but all the signs point to I probably do. I'm very tired and feeling much larger than with my first pregnancy. Just trying to get everything done before Xmas!! Hope the rest of you are well and thriving.
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    greci - sounds like you are doing great! I can't imagine carrying twins - must be both magical and incredibly exhausting/stressful.

    babylove - I think the class question depends on the type of person you are. We did not take a childbirth class at all (we did take a breastfeeding class, which I HIGHLY recommend). I looked into Bradley classes but they were all very long, and DH and I both worked 60+ hour weeks at the time with unpredictable schedules just didn't seem like we could reliably say we would be available on X day for many weeks.

    I also tend to get annoyed if I'm in a class and people are wasting time asking a bunch of what I feel are ignorant questions (I'm a researcher by nature and tend to be very well-read going into things, which I know not everyone is, so it's totally unfair of me to feel this way...but I do) so sometimes I'd rather just do the reading at home, when I can do it at my one pace and on my own schedule.

    So, we read the Bradley book - both DH and I. I also read Ina May Gaskin's book. We didn't really use the Bradley method, but especially the part about "the signposts of labor" was really helpful, and both books helped me feel more empowered to try a med-free birth. Especially since you want to go med-free, I'd either do some reading or take a class, depending on which fits your learning style/time constraints.

    Which brings me to the pain sister asked me shortly after my first labor (which, remember, I would classify as REALLY difficult) just how bad it was. She said, "tell me now, before you forget!" So I told her that all but 45 minutes of it had been completely do-able. Those 45 minutes though - transition, right after they broke my water since I was stalled for so long at 7cm I went from 7-10 in 45 mins - were pretty scary and out-of-control and nothing I could have imagined. I wanted the epidural. I begged for it in fact. Luckily by the time they got it together I was ready to push and then I no longer wanted it AT ALL.

    You should know that not every transition is like that. Transition with my 2nd labor looked more like me calmly soaking in the birth tub but in my head thinking, "why the EF did I do this at home again?! If I were in the hospital I could get the epidural and take a nap." The pain was not my issue, I just was really tired as at that point had been up all night. There was no point in my 2nd labor which felt out of control or overwhelming. So just know it can go either way, but either way, transition is hard and you will doubt yourself and your ability to make it through. Just try to remember that when you feel that way it means you're getting close to pushing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylove14 View Post
    I can't wait to start seeing birth announcements from this group!
    You almost get one from me today. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow. Went in to L&D last night because I was having contractions (hubs counted 10/hr or so) and lots of pressure on my pelvis. Midwife checked me, cervix 1.5cm & soft & 50% shortened, so she admitted me as Preterm Labour. The hospital staff didn't listen to her & admitted me Antepartum -they didn't want to give me a room because the hospital is undergoing renovation & they are short of space. So I just stayed overnight in a shared area while they stuck me with an IV and observed me. I kept getting contractions but they were pretty gentle. In the morning a different midwife tested my cervix & said it was soft & shortened & at least 1.5cm & she felt she could stretch it to 2 or 3cm but didn't want to in case it would "stir things up" and start labour.
    So now we're home again.

    I'm feeling pretty mixed about it all since with my last pregnancy my water broke in the morning and it was like the starting fire at a race so we knew for SURE I was in labour. And even so a nurse mismeasured me & tried to send me home, and then my cervix became fully dilated within an hour & I ended up delivering Baby Zu very quickly after. If I had listened to her I would have given birth at home or on the road.

    ARRRRGH I'm so frustrated! Probably should just chalk it up to crappy hospital sleep. But I felt like even though it was too early I was feeling ready, you know? And now I feel like I'm in limbo just waiting. And of course this time we need to arrange childcare for Azula every time we go in, so even though we live only 10 minutes away from the hospital now it will still take us some time to get there if anything changes.

    Here's hoping for a good night sleep tonight & a better outlook in the morning.

    Hope all you mamas are doing well & all your babies are nice and healthy.
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    Oh Katie! Exciting but frustrating... I hope it happens quickly and comfortably. Good luck! Did you end up settling on a name?

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