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    Babylove - Well, I was going to vote for Noah Jameson, but I see you do have a bit of a dilemma to work through there. Good luck - naming can be so stressful. Jem is pretty awesome, if Noah doesn't work out! As for paint colors, I don't think you can go wrong with either color scheme When it comes to laboring positions, just remember that you are completely limited to your back by most epidurals, so that's something to consider. Certain positions are more helpful than others depending on how baby is situated... In other words, I should NOT have gotten an epi, because my kiddo was sunny side up and stuck behind my pubic bone. I needed to be pushing on hands and knees to rock her out, but that wasn't an option. Really, it's amazing that I didn't end up with a C-section!

    Sara - Off to check out your thread! Shamefully, I've been pretty much ignoring the actual naming part of the forum lately. I just get so tired of the same name debates sometimes. Blah. Anyway, I know yours will be different <3

    Mila - Oh, how exciting that you get to go home!!! I was stressed for you just thinking of all the back and forth. Will you be able to get home before little Cato arrives?
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    Oh, I can relate to you ladies still trying to find the name that feels just right. It seems that ever since DH and I created the list of our top few names, we cannot agree on which one is THE name. Honestly, I would be happy taking the list we have now into the hospital and deciding once we meet our little guy, but I can't help but worry that we might still not agree on which name best suits him.
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    Quick post to say we had the anatomy scan yesterday and as well as baby having a good strong heart beat and looking lovely she is a SHE!
    I had a brief heartbeat of disappointment, mainly because we only plan on having two kids so I think I would have been a little disappointed either way. I'm never going to have a boy, but if she had been a he, I would have been a little sad that Ayla would miss out on the Joy of having a sister.
    My sister came round last night and dropped off #2's first gift, a little onsie. Which has got me extra excited. I can justify spending a little more on A's clothes knowing they will get passed along!! Yay!

    Sara your nest sounds interesting... I heard swimming can help make the little blighters turn?

    Baby love I think because the stresses of Jameson are differnt than those of James I don't hear James in Jam-es-on. Jameson Micheal (Jem) is awesome!

    Decorating sounds fun. I love the sound of turquoise and yellow for a boys room.

    Mila it must be so exciting to know your going home. It will be nice for you and the kids to have family close by...

    Goodluck to all those with bouncing, poking, cannonballing babes!

    Off to walk the dogs before they get too worked up...

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    @Tuitree- Congrats on the gender news!! So excited your babies will get to know the life-long bond of sisterhood personally.

    I was right there with you, just on the opposite side of the coin. Our second boy, and not planning on any more children, so, I think you put it beautifully when you said 'a heartbeat of disappointment.' That was very similar to what I felt in the moment too. However, just like you, I'm thrilled my boys will know the special bond of brotherhood. Now, at 22 weeks, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

    So happy for you and your growing family. Great news about the heartbeat too. Continued blessings!
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    Sarah; oh no! That doesn't sound comfortable... I had a little laugh at imagining you on the floor though. And the comments from other people on the name front... Husband has made a list of people's opinion he trusts around here, and a less flattering list of people he doesn't trust.

    Tara; crazy baby! I can't imagine having two like that. Banging on your cervix, ouch! Martin needs to calm down methinks. I can't get over how much I adore Martin for you, it's such a cute perfect little family.

    Babylove; Noah Jameson! I have a nephew named Noah and he's so adorable. Noah is a truly great name.

    Mila; that is soooo exciting! I'm so happy for you, you must be so relieved. I don't ever want to live on a resort, it sounds a bit frustrating. Being close to friends, family, shops and hospitals is better. Where in New Zealand is it (it is NZ right, I'm not making things up?)? Husband and I are going for our delayed honeymoon there next winter, I'm starting to plan it now. I'm also happy to hear the bleeding has stopped.

    Cora; do you need to decide on the name in the hospital in America? Here we're given eight weeks (if I remember correctly from last time, not that we managed to do that...).

    Tui; good to hear the anatomy scan went so well! And I understand the bittersweet feeling, not experience having a son would be a bit sad for me too, but having a sister is great!

    My baby is having a dance party. She's crazy! It's impossible to sleep as every time I calm down she starts her dancing and tumbling around. I wish I could get more excited about naming her, I'm definitely going through a drought here. We've got eight names and we disagree on which we like the most so it's troubling...

    From my experience with children (other peoples) is that while the second one is often crazy, they're usually better sleepers than the first one, because they don't get all the attention they are a bit more chilled, relaxed and easy going. I hope that's true...
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