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    Greci - I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad you got to spend a bit more time with her before her passing, but I know it must still be so, so hard for you. It sounds like your little #1 man is just what the doctor ordered, though, and I hope his wise little soul will help to get you through this time. Sending you all of the internet hugs in the world, mama.

    Sarahmezz - I'm also so sad to hear about your loss. I hope you're being given (and giving yourself) the time and space to process this in whatever way is best for you, and I hope that your next attempt at TTC (whenever that may be) brings you a little one to snuggle.

    Otter - I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better after your spell. Sounds like scary stuff!

    Sara - Yay for finally being able to take a rest (relatively speaking)! And I second encouraging your brother to elope. Maybe you could just offer him money? I really love your response to Mila's question about having 2. It seems like there are so many opportunities for helping your child grow as a person that would just develop naturally from having a sibling. That's not to say that they can't/won't be taught to an only child, just that the situations are dropped in your lap to work with, so to speak.

    Katie - That is the cutest costume ever. I'm officially dressing my kids as an Ewok and Yoda next year. You've convinced me.

    Doing well here! I've had a major surge of energy here, despite coming down with a brutal case of (I'm guessing) food poisoning over the weekend. I choose to believe it wasn't just my poor decision to eat 95% of a large St Louis-style pepperoni pizza in one sitting. That couldn't have been the cause. Anyway, I've blasted through a giant list of boring housekeeping things that have needed to be done for pretty much forever. Don't you love when you keep putting something off because you're dreading doing it, and then when you finally buckle down to it, it takes like 20 minutes and is relatively painless? Anyway, it's nice to now be living in a house that is relatively clean and almost free of giant laundry piles. Wish me luck, I'm tackling The Folding of the Six Baskets of Clean Laundry today. If I can get off the interwebs.
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    Sara - Dulcinea is totally fabulous!
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    Thanks ladies.

    Question: Those of you who have found out genders and decided on names, would you like me to list your names on the first page of this thread? I was going to, but thought I'd ask because I know you've "decided", but it's not really set in stone until the baby arrives and you may still change your minds!
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    Tk - I wish I had your energy! 23 weeks and I still am dealing with "morning" sickness. But I agree with you on chores, I needed to vacuum downstairs and really didn't want to. Did it anyway and 20 minutes later, it's like why did I put that off? Haha.

    Sarah - Wish my family had offered us money to elope! Ha. We were going to, but both sides really wanted a wedding, so we did that. Though everyone we know gets married in the spring and early summer, we were the odd ones getting married in the fall (the day before Halloween, today was our anniversary...oops). But we kinda made it a big Halloween party with a small wedding in it and tried to make it easy so there wasn't pressure on anyone but us. And I love your names list! Having a hard time which one I think is the best, but Dulcinea is pulling ahead by a hair, and it's got a cute nn.
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