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    Bex; only two more weeks! It will be exciting to find out. I love the names in your signature, by the way, Freyja and Astrid are on my middle list .

    Kennedi; CONGRATS! And Kellen James is very handsome.

    Mila; oh, wow, you live at an actual resort? Interesting. Are you into herbal medicine at all? I can send you a few links to DIY stuff I find useful.

    Sarah; I'm glad everything looks good in there! Oh, wear and tear... I never thought about that. Poor you, I hop you get some rest, some nice warm tea (or other warm cosy beverage of your choice) and relief. Three more weeks to decide! Oh, I don't know what I'd do... it depends on how many headaches you want from the girl list, I guess... And hope the dress is coming along nicely!

    Tara; oh no!!! That's terrible. I'm sure she's just super excited, but maybe a bit too much? My mother-in-law bought half the clothes in London for Roo (that's my guess anyway, she brought in bag after bag after bag!), but Roo was first granddaughter after a whole big bunch of grandsons. And Martin's great, very cute and funky. Ivy & Martin.

    Update from me: I'm back in bed. My back is killing me and I'm so completely exhausted. I vomited for 30 minutes straight last night, fainted and haven't been able to keep anything down since. It's a bug apparently and not pregnancy related, but I still worry. And I'm really depressed at the moment which doesn't help, hopefully just because my body feels like crap, and not because I'm a horrible mum. My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow which is good because I really want to cuddle up in my mummy's lap and just cry an ocean. Yup, I'm gloomy.

    Hope everyone's doing great
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    Cheer up, Ottilie! My back has been killing the last few days too. I went to the chiropractor and feel like a new woman! I hope you get to feeling better.
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    I've updated the first page again. There's been a lot of action on this thread! Hoping for a few girls now to even things out. Congrats, ladies.
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    Oh Ottilie, I hope you get feeling better soon! That is no fun to deal with at all

    Congrats to everyone who has found out the gender recently So many boys here!

    I've been feeling under the weather for the past three days. Fever, aching, and a constant headache. All I want to do is sleep for hours on end. I'm hoping to be over it by the weekend because Jonathan and I are going on a little getaway together and I will be bummed if I am sick the whole time

    On the up side, I finally felt Baby Chicken moving around. Although my doctor said everything looked fine, I had still been stressing over not feeling him move yet.
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