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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    @grecianern - I'm giggling here...if you do an ocean theme, and you DO go with Sebastian as one of the names, your little Weston is going to think he's a crab for sure! Your surname is Jones?? I saw the funniest comment around the NB boards awhile back. Someone was saying how she's so jealous of people named Jones, because you can put any name with it, and if her name were Jones, she'd name her kid "Agent." It was soooooo funny.
    D'oh!!! I never thought of the Sebastian/crab reference!!! Darn Pregnancy Brain!!!

    I had a fairy theme when I thought they were girls, and we were thinking sports for boys, or superheroes since Weston wants to share a room with them.

    When we thought they were a boy/girl set, the Ocean theme came up. We were at the Omaha Zoo (their aquarium is marvelous!) and my husband and I just loved the jelly fish. I was playing with my new camera and I got some amazing pictures, especially of the jelly fish against their dark backgrounds. We also bought 3 stuffed jelly fish to make a mobile out of, and at $8 each, I'd like to use them.
    My thought was to go to Staples and have 2 jelly fish pictures blown up to poster size and frame them above their cribs. And since I work for a millwork company, have their initials on the frames in a fun material, wood or Corian or something.
    Then I thought I would get some vinyl cutouts for the walls. We're renting, so nothing permanent.
    I have 2 dressers, thought we would paint those white and have a wave pattern on the drawers.
    Also - we have an amazing print that was hand painted with a piece of leather by a Chinese man at the Mirage in Las Vegas of our last name "Jones" while Scott and I were on our honeymoon.

    But... we can do an all-boy room too.

    As for the last name Jones... it's so boring! It doesn't go with everything, most "J" and "G" names are out. My favorites, Jack, Jake, etc... nope. And it's so popular, and we don't want our kids to have matching names. (I actually graduated high school with 2 Joshua Christensens - one Josh A. and the other Josh C.) so, we have to pick not too popular, but easy to spell and more than 1 syllable. There's a lot of rules for one of the top 5 last names on the globe.

    Enjoy your weekend! We're scoping out locations for a baby shower - Monster theme! I have the best sister ever, in case you were wondering. Then again, I'm biased.
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    Greci - probably a good idea to leave out the crabs, at any rate I think if I had twin boys, I'd go with a monster theme for their room! Sounds like a fun shower.

    Big news here. We had a scare last night when Ivy was rough housing with DH and basically decided to use my uterus as a trampoline, while I was distracted and looking the other direction. I think I scared the poor child half to death with the yell I let out! Anyway, it had me worried and I was really glad that I had an appointment set already for today, as I figured there wouldn't be much they could do if I went into the ER, since I wasn't having cramping or bleeding or anything of that nature. Luckily, doc was able to find a strong heartbeat right away, but she sent me over to the in-office U/S tech just to make sure the placenta and all that were still in good shape. Well, everything looked perfect, including our baby BOY!!!! Totally anti-climactic with the way this thread is leaning, but exciting for my family none the less
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    Tk - congrats on the boy!

    Well, we couldn't wait another month to find out what we're having, so we paid for a little sneak peak tonight....

    ALL BOY! Got lots of teenie weenie shots! We're so excited and have decided to name him Raphael, which means "God has healed." We are over the moon for our long-awaited, miracle son!
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    greci, I think the idea you have for an ocean theme sounds wonderful! I also love jellyfish!

    tk, Congratulations on your BOY! There does seem to be an abundance of baby boys here!

    tintri, Congrats on your son! Raphael is a great name!
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    Wow! So many boys on this thread! Congrats to all.
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