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    Updated first page If your name isn't on the list, or your due date is listed as unknown, or you've found out what you're having, please post here and I'll add your details!
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    I'm 17 weeks expecting my first kidlet February 20th... We'll find out what I'm having October 7th.

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    Hi lovelies! I have a lot to comment on, but honestly I feel terrible and know it would be a half hearted attempt-- so I am going to wait until I feel better to comment.

    I just had to ask-- you guys seem to have a plethora of information, so I'm hoping for some ideas.

    I have a terrible sinus infection (this baby is determined to keep me sick-- first nausea, now this) I am on antibiotics, but I am still not feeling any better. I have tried humidifiers, nasal rises, and Tylenol alongside the antibiotics, but to no avail. Do any of you ladies have any other ideas?

    The reason this stresses me so much is because at my doctors appointment today, I had lost more weight. I am now -11lbs at 20 weeks. For obvious reasons, this has the doctors very concerned as I am naturally a size 2nor 4 and don't have much weight to lose. I had gained 3 lbs this month and was very happy, but once i got sick, i lost the three lbs plus more....This infection coupled with the lingering morning sickness is not helping me gain weight. We had a scare today as well-- they could not find little mans heartbeat with the Doppler. They ended up having to bring in an ultrasound machine to make sure everything was okay . The whole time, I was hysterical thinking that if something happened to this little baby boy, that may be I was responsible as I can't keep enough food and/or nutrients down to help him be his healthiest. He is fine, thankfully. He was just hiding. But the scare got me really convinced that I need to get better so I can have this be a HEALTHY pregnancy for us both. I could handle a sinus infection or nausea on its own, but together..... I'm not doing so hot.

    So anyone have any home remedies or anything for a sinus infection that they think might help? The dr. Prescribed me a new med for the sickness . She hopes this will work better than the zofran, and has literally given me permission to eat fast food and other high calorie snacks. So now i just need to feel well enough to eat. I need your help ladies!! Any ideas?!!
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    Roo- I don't know for a sinus infection - just lots of ginger & lemon tea on top of your prescribed meds, and try to eat something, anything, mild soups maybe until you can stomach more.

    For the nausea eat bananas (at least before bed but preferably maybe 2-3 spread out through the day) my husband's doctor told us about this - the extra potassium really helps keep your nausea from getting out of control, plus they are very healthy PLUS they help you to keep your blood sugars balanced. Try putting one in a smoothie if you have a textural problem with them right now.
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