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    Greci; It's two boys! I'm so glad they're both healthy, the T thing sounds adorable. And Weston, oh my goodness, that's too cute! Siblings are the best thing. I hope you'll find a comfortable bra soon.

    Rook; congrats on the BOY! Happy to hear little Evan's excited! I don't think we're doing Sense My Baby as Husband thinks it's ridiculous.

    Frances; we can make a poll thread, or we can just make a post in here and ask Sarah if she can link it to the original post. I'm happy to do it if you want me too.

    Schedz; congrats and welcome! I found out with this one (a girl!) but last time we had a surprise. Both are wonderful in my opinion, not knowing was fun as we kept guessing what it was. Our family and friends had a bet going!

    Sarah; wohoo, I threw a Alice in Wonderland bridal shower for my sister too!! How fun. Ah, no what, swallowing plastic! I hope it passes through nicely and quickly. It must be scary though, I remember one of my nephews breaking a china cup and putting the pieces into his mouth - he didn't swallow them, but he did cut his mouth. The finding out versus not finding out is tricky. I can't wait for my anatomy scan next week to see if it really is a girl. What if we go and it's a boy? What if we go and they can't see what it is? These are things I think about now that I'm sick. Besides making combos for you, that is! 32E? Petite skinny little you? You must look like Jessica Rabbit now .

    Frances (again); Seriously? She said that? That's not nice!

    Tara; whoa, you look amazing! Love your expression and Ivy's little dancing movements. Does she ever stay still? And the dress is beautiful. You look so much like my best friend, it's crazy. Beautiful you are!

    kailua; congrats on the boy! Lots of boys here.

    Sarah; you DO look exactly like your avatar! That was the first thing I thought when I saw the photo. And what an amazing dress, you look so great!

    Tuit; Good luck with your scan!

    Nothing new here. I'm sick and bed bound, but I've taken Dita for a run every morning other wise I just feel even crappier. And I've been shopping far too much online, but what else can I do when I'm in bed all day?
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    Yes, please, Ottilie! That would be so helpful.

    TK and Saracita, you both look great! Love having a face to put with a username.
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    I don't know how I missed the whole of page 40 when I did a catch up read?!? TK you look great, and how cute is your little girl in the background! Blond ringlets! Gorgeous!
    Kailua congrats on the boy. Blue seems to be dominating at the moment.
    Carrotcoriander I keep getting told that the surprise is wonderful. I'm just not sure I could handle the constant guessing although they can be wrong. It happened to my Pilates instructors best friend. Last time round I brought a few neutral things just in case and I'm not huge on pink anyways so Ayla's room is dove grey and white with splashes of turquoise and pink, it would have been easy to change if the sonographer had been wrong.
    Saracita it's soo cute you look like your avatar!
    And pears and almond butter sound pretty darn amazing!
    Ottilie hope you feel better soon. We're getting over head colds in our house too. And getting out for a bit if sunshine and exercise helps loads.

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    Genders of Our Babies!

    The ones expecting one or two little laddies
    grecianern (twins!)

    The ones expecting little lassies

    The one who don't know yet...

    When you find out let me know (either in this thread or by pm) and I will add! I'm going to ask Sarah (sarahmezz) to link this post to the front page so it's easy to find.

    I only went back five-six pages, so if I've not included your name tell me about that too .
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    Hi !!

    Can i join this thread too ?? My name is Anastasia ( call me Ana ) and iam new here . I have been on nameberry for months but i hadnt the time to join .Iam expected my second little girl in 14 february . I hope she cames late because i dont want the baby to share the same birthday with my first daughter lol . Anyway so far everything is great . I am craving a lot meat lately unlike with my first pregancy . I am already showing a little . The only thing that worried me is that the baby hasnt kicked yet but the doctor said that everything is fine so i try to relax.

    Anyway i wish to all of us a healthy pregnasny , easy labors and gorgeous ( iam sure they will be ) babies

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