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    Hi Ladies-
    Random question. I was wondering if it would be too much trouble to list the gender of what everyone is having? ( Obviously, we won't know for those deciding to be surprised or those who are too early.) I was just curious as to our percentages in this particular group...more girls, or boys, or are we following the trend of about an equal split?

    P.S. Good doctor's appointment today. Heart rate was 135. So glad the first trimester is almost over!
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    Had my my first scan this morning, so excited to see my little baby, I'm 13 weeks plus 2 so due 12th March a month before my birthday not planing of finding out the sex of it so will need to look away at my 20 week scan in October incase it flashes. I have a feeling is a girl.

    I had to get a new bra at 5 weeks as had grown so much and was in pain in old bras, I'm now a 32G, bra fitter said that can wear underwire as long as the wire at the sides comes past the breast and doesn't dig into the side of the breast. I tried in no wired but found them very uncomfortable as rubbed under my armpit.

    Still have some sickness and have developed back pain but glad to hear that everyone keeping well and starting to feel movement and finding out the sexes. Exciting times
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    Hey all! I am new to the site! But I am due with twins March 14. Can't wait to read more.

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    Hello all! I have been absent for some time and I apologize. I hope I didn't miss anything too major. Trying to read a few pages back, but don't have the energy to go too far! Started back at work and have been exhausted the last few weeks!

    I am 16 weeks and have developed quite the belly. I'm no expert, but it seriously seems big for a first time mom carrying a singleton.... Going to post a pick soon to get some Berry opinions.

    Good luck to everyone doing anatomy scans and finding out gender soon! I'll be excited to hear everyone's news. Mine isn't scheduled until mid-October. 22 weeks! I'm very anxious.
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    Greci; I guess I shouldn't give anyone bra advice. I was a 30B until I got pregnant, now I'm a 30C.

    Frances; it could be possible to ask Sarah (sarahmezz) to do it as she started the thread, and she did add everyone's due dates in the first post. But as she's not a part of this particular due date thread, I would feel weird asking, she'd have to keep updating it and that doesn't seem fair. You could just make a post with the genders? It would be interesting...

    Lamarks; congrats and welcome!

    Tara; losing nap-time sounds terrible. I don't know what I'd do. And husband time too... Ivy, you need to have a nap so you won't drive mummy crazy!

    Tintri; hiya, good to hear from you again! My bump is growing too, but it's muscle memory. My sister showed really early with her son, she's quite short (5 feet). My anatomy scan is in one and a half week. I'll be 19 weeks by then.

    Has anyone here heard of Sense My Baby? My midwife mentioned it to me. When you have your 3D/4D scan they take a photo and this Sense My Baby thing makes it really clear so it looks like a real photo. She showed me an example and it was amazing, so clear. It looked just like a proper photo of a baby.
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