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    Congratulations on the kick Ottilie. I think you really start to bond with them properly when you feel them move... I can't wait!!

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    Ladies, trust me when I say that you are awesome.

    I started out overweight, and already a diabetic. So now I am also on Insulin. So when I say that I can't gain any weight, I really can't. I eat under 200 carbs per day, and under try to stay under 1800 calories, though the carbs are the most important. (Anyone else on here not super thin?)

    With Weston, at one point I was down 45 pounds, and actually only gained 3 pounds by the end. I lost 25 pounds the first week after delivery, and was actually 35 pounds lighter when I conceived this time.

    I am noticing an increase in swelling this week, so I will be monitoring my salt intake too now, along with my blood pressure. I was hoping to avoid the swelling since the worst part of this pregnancy will be in the winter. Guess not.

    I am wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller, but they have a different shape - hoping to accentuate what little bump I have. And I can't wait for the cold so I can wearing leggings!

    As for the bras... I am trying all sorts of things. I increased almost 3 sizes with my first pregnancy, so I was a cup size "H" at this conception. They really can't get any bigger. Nursing bras are impossible to find. I actually ordered a new no-underwire bra this weekend. It arrived in this mail this afternoon, trying it out tomorrow. If it works... well then I'm getting a lot more. In a variety of colors.
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    So glad you're feeling better, frances! I'm crossing my fingers that it sticks and you have a refreshing second tri

    Congrats on the kick, Otter!

    I'm loving these gender reveal ideas. We've been planning to just reveal gender at the same time as the pregnancy for everyone that we haven't told yet. Which includes most everyone, as we've only told grandparents and less than a handful of friends. We're doing the shoe picture, but with Vans. Mostly so I have an excuse to get a new pair for Ivy and myself, since I destroyed my last pair and Ivy has never owned any.

    On the subject of toddler transitions... Ivy climbed out of her crib for the first time on Monday night. How on earth do you get these kids to nap when you can't just put them in their crib and keep them there? I'm pulling out my hair, because she has only napped a half an hour or so each day since, and hasn't been falling asleep until after 8:30pm. She's usually a 12-2pm napper and goes down for the night by 7:30pm in her crib with a wakeup sometime around midnight, when she would move to our bed and sleep until 7:30am. I've lost my "me" time and mine and DH's "us" time all in one week, help!
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    grecianern - Azula was only about 5lbs full term so I'm always concerned about weight gain during pregnancy & people having tiny babies. Sorry!
    Bra-wise I'm a 30E, even during pregnancy that hasn't changed much (SO frustrating I can never find a bra in La Senza or VS or department stores), but when I was first nursing Azula I got sized and in one bra I was an H, in another model I was a J because that one had an underwire. Ridiculous! I'm back in an E now even though I'm still nursing occasionally. I'm in Vancouver Canada and there are a number of specialty bra stores I love in the area- especially one called Change, and another called Nectar Lingerie (they carry fantastic big-cup nursing bras). Not sure if you can order online from them but I would assume you can. My favorite brand specifically is Chantelle Paris.
    I was talking with a super knowledgeable bra-saleswoman at Nectar last time I was there, and she said wearing an underwire while pregnant or nursing can often lead to painful mastitis, so definitely look for wire-free ones if you can find them.
    Apparently this is much more common knowledge in Australia, so there are probably lots of Australian based companies you could buy from online too.

    ottilie - I love the little kicks and wiggles! Congratulations.

    t.k. - Azula's still happy in her crib so I can't help you there, but hopefully you get the routine back quickly!
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    TK - I regret to inform you that my son stopped napping at home when we switched him out of the crib. It was so much time crying and screaming that it wasn't worth the 45 minute nap he would get after exhausting himself. At night, he kept getting out of his bed - it took a looong time but through some short time outs for every time he stepped out of bed (and I mean every time - once it was like 20 times in a row) he stopped doing it. I know some people put a baby gate up across the door but I prefer them to know they cannot get out of bed and leave it to the consequences.

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