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    I found avocado a good first food... Doesn't involve any prep either so awesome for the sleep deprived!!

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    Ottilie - thanks for your guide to UK maternity wear I've beeping hitting primark for elastic waisted skirts as I'm to big for my jean (bump plus holiday weight) but not big enough or far along enough for maternity clothes and had been disappointed when I looked in topshop stores but onlines amazing thank you.

    Rookachoo - I hope you feel better soon, I too have been sick and am hoping it might clear up soon as I miss eating without the fear of being sick.

    Finally got date for my scan next Friday morning will get to finally see our little Bubble who'll be almost 13 weeks by then and get a due date - getting really excited about telling our friends
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    I had my first ultrasound today!! They measured me at 10 weeks and 1 day and my due date is March 27th! One baby, and he/she looks good. After seeing it, I feel like it's so much more real... I am now so excited. I think it's a boy and so does my hubby!
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    I've been silently stalking the thread this week. I killed my laptop charger in an unfortunate run-in with my recliner's innards, so I've been strictly mobile and having a rough time posting.

    Anywho, I totally concur with avocado as a first food. Ivy loooooved it. I think we introduced solids around 6 1/2 months or so, I just know that we waited until she was actually trying to rip food out of our hands before really giving it a go. Her being interested made the difference, I think

    I checked out Otter's guide to maternity clothing. Love your taste! I'm having a hard time tracking things down around here. I absolutely have to try maternity pants on, as there seems to be a huge variance in sizing, even with the same brands. I was really hoping to avoid having to purchase shorts, as it's so far into summer already, but I can't squeeze into any of mine and it's hitting 100 degrees regularly. Blegh.

    Carrot & Beatrix- yay for getting to see the babes! It totally makes it feel more real

    I bought my first baby item today (well, other than woven wraps... I've been buying those up for weeks now :/ ). I went to check H&M for maternity stuff (no dice at my local stores), and instead found an adorable two pack of sleepers with tan stars and stripes. I guess I think it's a boy? Either way, they'll be super cute on a girl with the proper hat and footwear. I was pretty pleased with myself for managing to be the first one to buy anything for this sprout, as both my mom and MIL totally one upped me on that last time around. Never again!

    How's everyone feeling? Are you getting some relief, Rookachoo? I had some nasty MS today, but I'm totally blaming it on a combo of forgetting to take my vitamin last night AND going to bed with only meat in my stomach. Bad, bad decision.
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    Ottilie- thanks for the shopping info! I am positive we have h&m here in So. Cal, but I will have to check on the others. If worse comes to worst I could always order them online! I'm willing to do anything at this point to avoid looking frumpy :/

    Tk- I'm jealous you got some baby stuff! Haha. I keep resisting the urge to buy things. My resolve will weaken soon I am sure. But we are moving in 3 weeks and I don't want anything extra to pack. So buying will have to wait until we are settled. Darn. I love baby clothes! Also, I feel you about the heat! Ugh! It hit 109 where I am on Thursday. I refused to leave the house!!!

    Beatrixdaisy- yay for the first ultra sound!! That is my favorite part! Isn't it crazy how your intuition kicks in about gender? I totally felt from the very beginning that my first was a boy, and sure enough, I was right! I actually read somewhere that mothers intuition can be something like 90% accurate when the mother has no previous gender preference

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I have some good days now, which is more than I could say before. I am wondering if I may be anemic-- especially because of all the morning sickness... And then the anemia in turn is making me feel terrible. I'm planning in having my doctor test my iron levels next visit. I blacked out the other day after picking up my son from kindergarten, and as soon as I could see again I threw up ( thank god I keep bags in my car!) but I must have looked like a crazy woman-- vomiting in the parking lot of an elementary school! Jeez. So basically it varies everyday. I'm just taking it one day at a time at this point until I can get to the doctor and have her check to see if there is some sort of imbalance....

    On a happier note, Is anyone planning on paying for a 4D ultrasound? Hubby and I are considering it. We didn't do it with our first and I think I would like to have a DVD video of this little one. Any experience on that subject, ladies? Is it worth the extra money? Or should I save myself $150 and put it towards some baby gear... Or may be a prenatal massage

    Hope everyone has a good week. Monday is Labor Day here, so we all have a three day weekend! Went to Disneyland Friday, the dog beach today, and are planning on doing some hiking and shopping over the next few days. Got to love family time.
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