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    I just had to chime in that I love reading all about you lovely ladies!

    Tk- potty training is such a hard time! I know everyone says this, but it really just does vary from kid to kid. My son was potty trained in two days with very little effort a week after he turned two. ( We used the "oh crap" method as well) My nephew, on the other hand, wasn't fully potty trained until almost 3 and a half ( even though they originally started trying at 2) because he was sooo against it.

    Ottile- let me just say your bump sounds adorable! I am 17.5 weeks now and still no real bump I have this tiny little rise in my lower belly, but it looks more like I need to work out than anything else. I am fairly tall though( 5 ft 8) so that may have something to do with it.

    Our anatomy/gender scan is on sept 2nd (19weeks) I am interested to see if the original techs guess of boy was correct. I am feeling a TON of movement in the past week and a half or so! This little one is much more active than my son was. It is so incredible to feel those little nudges. We have nicknamed the little one "thumper" because it is constantly thumping me from the inside
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    Thanks for the encouragement Saracita. And, yes, Cora (sigh) we have our boy's name, but are totally stuck on the girl's. However, I have a feeling this is a girl, and the fact that we don't have a name yet is stressing me out. The only reason I think 'girl' is because this pregnancy has been completely different from my first, and for my first, we had a little boy. However, *maybe* the reason no girl names are sounding right is because this isn't a girl. IDK, either way, I just wish I could stop feeling so bad and start enjoying this pregnancy a little more.
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    I'm not a small woman, though I did lose 35 pounds between my son and this pregnancy. I was really hoping that I would show sooner. You know, 2nd pregnancy, twins? It made sense in my head. Especially since lost weight and gained nothing but babies.

    anyway, my family and friends notice - oh you're narrower! Or you look pregnant. Nope, that's just the fat moving around. But I think these guys are growing a bit. And as my one friend told me, embrace the belly, because I look pregnant from the outside, even if I know that these babies are still sitting lower. So I am working on it.

    I bought some maternity clothes, because unless I find something with an elastic waist, my own bottoms are just too uncomfortable. So, I'm wearing skirts and dresses, and hoping that this 100+ degree weather backs off so I can wear the cute maternity leggings.
    And my friend has lost over 130 pounds, so I got a ton of tops and jackets that will work for the rest of the year.

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    Had my 20 week ultrasound today - it's a GIRL! I already have a sweet little boy so it will be fun to have a girl. I am a little sad though - it might have been more fun for my son to have a brother. I don't always feel that two kids are as close when they are not the same gender. My son is so cuddly and affectionate and I heard that little girls aren't like that for very long. Is that true? Lie to me people!

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    Tara, we have it narrowed down to just a few names. DH doesn't really like talking names, but I've been able to get a little input from him. I think once we find out the gender, he will be more open to discussing names (at least I hope he is). Right now our top contenders are Rhys Andrew, Milo Andrew, and Levi Andrew. I'm pretty sure we both like Rhys the best right now I am enjoying not showing, but in a way I kind of want to start showing so other people know I am pregnant and not just bloated!

    Ottilie, I am excited to get to shop for maternity clothes. I just really thought that by now I'd look more pregnant.

    Frances, I hope you start feeling better. Pregnancy is so much more bearable when you feel up to par.
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