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    Finally caught up on the board again - excited for (and jealous of!) those of you who have already found out the genders! We have until October to wait. Can't decide if I want a boy or another girl...I feel like either way is good! It seems like most people expect me to have a preference, and I really don't at this point. A girl would be nice because we have loads of cute clothes that my daughter only wore once (or not at all) and a boy would be fun for a change! I think my husband wants a boy but he won't say. We have a boy name picked out (Kellen James) but are nowhere with girl names so that is one more plus for a boy...guess we will see in about 7 weeks!!!

    I am finally starting to feel less awful. Headaches are less frequent and severe, and food is starting to be tolerable. But I feel like I'm getting sick (sore throat, ugh) and have to work 12 hour night shifts the next 3 nights. Hoping it goes away quick!

    Hope you all are feeling well!

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    Saracita; yes, we can be buddies! haha!

    Greci; I'm so glad to hear everything is fine with the twins! Fraternal would be pretty cool! So one is definitely a boy, and the other almost certainly... well, still a little chance! But two little cutie boys would be nice. Swimming is great, in addition to yoga it's my favourite pregnancy work out. Hope you're feeling better!

    Kenzing; I'm getting a cold too, so lots of hugs. Drink lots of hot water with ginger, lemon and honey and get plenty of rest. Difficult with a toddler, but try. I know how you feel about the gender thing, I went back and forth. I kind of wanted her to be a girl for a closer bond with my daughter, but I would've loved a little boy too. They grow out of the clothes so fast, there are some things Dita's only worn once! I went kind of crazy with her clothes, she's got so many tiny little outfits.

    I'm getting a cold, which is boring, but apart from that I'm fine. Hope everyone else is doing great!
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    Hi Ladies,
    I just wanted to stop in and say that this pregnancy has been extremely difficult so far, and I'm desperate for improvement by the second trimester. We are 11 weeks today and the nausea has been almost unbearable. I'm on Zofran, which causes terrible constipation, and now, as a result, I have terrible hemorrhoids. Plus, I have allergies, and because of our unusual summer weather, fall allergy season has come early this year. Chasing a very active little boy around has also made things more interesting. He seems so disappointed with me lately, which of course, makes me cry because of my raging hormones. I'm just not as fun as I used to be, I'm afraid. Anyway, the silver lining is that before all of this, I really wanted a little girl. Now, I don't care what the sex is, I just want a healthy baby because I will NOT be doing this again (pregnancy, I mean.) Thanks for letting me vent.

    How is everyone else doing with due dates in March?? I'm hoping you are adjusting/coping better than me! (I'm still just so shocked by it all I think. My first pregnancy was nothing like this. Much easier to manage.)
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    Ug sorry everyone's starting to get colds. I had one last week but I got over it pretty quickly thankfully. Just propped my head up on three pillows while I slept, gargled with salt water, and made sure to take my vitamin since I felt like that should help. Hope everyone rests this weekend.

    Have my 20 week scan Monday - we will know in just a few days if its a boy or a girl. I feel like Kenzing10 - already have a boy so that'll work well but a girl would be fun and different too. Tho I wanted a girl badly the first time around I do feel I don't care in the least this time.

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    I had my 12 week appointment today! Like saracita, my doc tried two different Dopplers and couldn't find a heartbeat, so she did an U/S and I got to see baby! Totally worth the 30 seconds of panic when she couldn't find the heartbeat. Baby was just moving too much for her to pin it down to get the heartbeat!

    We turned down all the extra tests, but of course got the standard bloodwork, and we'll have the anatomy scan. I figure if there is anything suspicious that we'll do tests then if needed. It wouldn't make a difference in our actions, but I can see where it would be nice to adjust your expectations before birth.

    Potty training was a complete and utter failure. We both came down sick with head colds at the end of Day 1, had no successes on Day 2, and by Day 4, I had terrible morning sickness and Ivy was cutting a molar. Today, we returned to diapers, with plans to revisit in a month or so. The up side is, she will actually lay down nicely for us to change her, as opposed to having to change her standing up. Little wins!
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