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    Aw, Greci, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get a girl It sounds like you already know that you'll feel better about it in the end, and I'm sure the fact that Weston is pumped makes a difference, too! Still, I hope you get the chance to just feel what you feel, before moving on. Hugs, mama. Interesting to hear your family's take on naming!

    12 weeks today, here, and feeling loads better. So much better, in fact, that we started potty learning today. I'm not sure that my timing was great (just got back from a weekend in Chicago with family), but we're pushing (gently) ahead anyway! She really seems to understand what's going on, and is fascinated, so hopefully that translates to more catches tomorrow. Wish us luck
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    I just found out today that I am having a boy and have to admit am a teensy bit kinda not sad, but just well argh I dont know how to put it. I just understand girls because i am one, plus i love the girl clothes! but i will be fine and thats why we found out this early so I can get used to it. Hubby is stoked that his surname won't die out as his family has been one boy and all girls for generations so always only one boy carrying it on. Now what the heck am i going to call my little darling boy!? Here is my list User List - Boys Ideas - Due Feb 14 - Mouseynz |

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    Have my booking in appointment today so more book filing out then hopefully scan next week or week after. My sickness has become only in the morning now which is a big improvement.

    Have decided not to have baby screened for Downs Syndrome because Its my baby no matter what and husband agrees. Hoping to keep the sex a surprise till its born. But I can understand the sadness of not having a baby girl, think most girls dream of that. Boys are great shame the clothing for them isn't as cute

    Hope everyone else is keeping well
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    I took my baby to his first day of kindergarten this morning...

    Combine that with the pregnancy hormones - I am shocked that I haven't crumpled into a heap on the floor!

    I blogged about it with pictures, if any want to read. There was no crying... well the DH almost cried. And that was funny enough.
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