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    Aug 2013
    I am due 2/14/14

    12 weeks and 3 days or so!

    We have pretty much have picked our names, but we get a lot of resistance from the outside world over the girl name!
    Our moms like it lol.



    Brynlei is another option, however I think it would pronounced Bryn- lay and i don't like that.
    I have looked and looked but have not found any other girl names that I like...

    Also waiting on NT test results... I feel like my chacha is going to fall off! lol sorry.
    But nausea is calming down some.....well at least I am not so picky about my food. But the gag reflex is bad. I got a good wiff of the trash this am that hubby is taking off today. Hi-light of my day, coming home to no trash smell!

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