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    Just got caught up after being absent awhile (yay for all day nausea and headaches). Welcome to all the new peeps! I'm so sad to hear about the losses. Mrs H, my heart seriously aches for you.

    I had my first appointment this morning, with the nurse practitioner. It was pretty ho-hum, but they do have an ultrasound tech in-office now, so we got to see baby! Everything is looking good, and I'm measuring just a couple days ahead of the due date I'd get from LMP. That makes sense, since I was pretty sure that I ovulated a couple days early and I think I was on the early end of the implantation scale. We decided that this baby looks like a kodama from Princess Mononoke, whereas DD strongly resembled Strongbad
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    We've told quite a few people - two groups that I belong to, DH's parents, my sister and a couple of his friends. We'll tell my parents when I see them next week. I am only 7 weeks but I'm a 'talking' kind of person. If the worst were to happen, I'd feel worse not having anyone to talk to about it if I hadn't told people. I don't think we will do anything especially exciting as the big reveal. I will be in a different country to DH when I begin the second trimester so I can't do anything cute that involves him! Probably make sure we have told everyone in our inner circle and then post our 12 week scan photo on facebook
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    I was a little under 10 weeks when my OB said that since my levels and u/s all looked great, we could go ahead and tell people. Of course, we already told everyone who matters, and I don't plan to tell my supervisors until I go back to work in a month. Funny how different doctors say different things!
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    I've only told a couple people besides my husband - all coworkers. I'm a nurse working 12 hour night shifts so there's a bit of sitting around time where people chat about their lives. Plus it would be hard for them to not guess considering I've been sick for the majority of the past few weeks (headaches mostly)! We don't plan to tell our families until after the first ultrasound, and won't put anything on Facebook until after 12 weeks. May end up telling family sooner if I continue to be miserable with the seems a bit suspicious I'm sure! My mom has asked me and I just keep saying no. I want to have proof it's a real live baby in there before getting our families all excited. We plan to have my daughter wear a shirt that says "Only Child Expiring March 2014" in her 18 month pictures a few weeks from now, and that is probably what we will post on Facebook! Kind of cheesy but I think it will be cute.

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    Thanks for the advice! I love the stories.

    @sarahmezz I agree that there are some very nice ideas online! We will have all three kids on Friday, so we are going to invite my parents and DH's parents over for dinner to share the news! I hope I can wait just a few more days.

    @cvdutch31 Yeah, I get really confused because everything I seem to read/hear is a little different. We are going to wait until Friday when I will be 12w4d.

    @milasmama I would have been completely happy telling everyone the news as soon as I found out. I tend to be a "talker" too. However, my husband really wanted us to wait to make sure everything went alright. I think he also wanted some time of just us knowing, before everyone else gets involved.

    @tintri Yes! There seems to be so many different opinions out there. Congrats to you!

    @kenzing10 I understand the whole wanting proof thing. Sometimes it feels too good to be true I can't wait to see my baby at the scan!

    Today is my 12 week scan, but because my doctor is out of town he wants me to come back in on the 6th of next month just so he can make sure everything is going the way we want it to.
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