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    Hiya. I found out a few weeks ago, and our due date for our third child is March 14th 2014, though that might change depending on the early u/s next week. I'm a mixture of excited and terrified.

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    Congratulations erikolynn!
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    Had my 13 week scan and birth defect testing today. The scans looked great, so it's just a 10 day wait for the tests to come back. Not that it would change anything, but I like to be prepared either way.

    The pictures weren't very clear. But still fun to see.
    Baby A's heartbeat is 168 bpm. Baby B's is 156 bpm... the doctor said they both were in the right ranges and that the old wives tale of low vs high = boys or girls is completely untrue.
    But I can't help thinking we jinxed it.

    Last night my sister found the cutest Iowa Hawkeye onesies with ruffled sleeves, perfect for next summer. There are 2 in a package with only 2 in the right size. And they were 75% off... so I bought them. I hope I didn't jinx us. I bought girl bedding for my son before we knew gender... and he's not a girl.

    Anyway, babies look good. She really had to dig to get good readings on Baby B (who is tucked into the top of my uterus.) And every time she nudged him/her, the baby jumped and got startled, flailing arms and legs all over. When the baby settled back down, it put it's left fist to it's eye, like it was rubbing it. It was beyond adorable!
    Oh, and we had no luck with the doppler at the dr's office. Still too soon. 4 weeks till our next viewing!
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    Eriko; congrats and welcome!

    Mila; get the scan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greci; awww, the rubbing eye thing sounds adorable! Glad the scan was good! I'm sure you didn't jinx anything buying those onesies. They do sound cute .

    I am off on holiday tomorrow! So excited to get some rest and calm, and it's Aphro's first holiday. I hope I'll be too busy eating and bathing and laughing to check in, but I'll pour over the pages when I come back... Hope you're all doing great, and maybe there'll be some new people in here when I return. Happy baby growing everyone!
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    I think I will get the scan next week. I'm 7 weeks today by LMP or about 6 by my suspected ov date (which I'm now 2nd guessing myself about -maybe what I thought was ovulation spotting was implantation spotting, in which case I'd be 7 weeks after all). I'm going to try and wait another week though, so I can get one as close to possible before I leave. I'm so impatient though, haha.

    My last pregnancy I think I had too many unnecessary scans. There's still a bit of debate about the safety of frequent ultrasounds for women who aren't high risk, but I think having three altogether (8, 12 and 20 weeks) isn't too bad.

    Tintri - I had the works with Mila: morning sickness, food aversions, exhaustion, hyper-sensitive to smells... I think it's the comparison to this time that freaks me out! It's nice hearing that other women don't have all these symptoms either, though.
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