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    missusaytch Guest
    Hey guys. I hope you are all doing well. The doctor just confirmed I am definitely miscarrying.

    I had my first OB appt (no US) on Thursday. All looked well. That evening sudden severe cramping and bleeding. Went to ER in total panic. Ultrasound showed sac but no fetus however I have a tilted uterus so it would be difficult to see anyway. Cramping and bleeding subsided. Went to OB next morning and he said he'd be cautiously optimistic until we drew hcg and repeated Monday, today. I was on bed rest all weekend. Last night spotting accelerated to bleeding and started having mild to moderate cramps. Just got hcg results showing it has dropped significantly since Friday. Blighted ovum. I was told to rest and let nature take its course, come back in a week to check hcg, and if I decide I want a D&C I can have one.

    After 5 months of trying, then ovarian drilling surgery, then 3 months on Clomid, we were really excited and are pretty devastated. I am trying my best to look at the good in this - knowing I can get pregnant - but it's hard in the moment. Especially having to tell people we already told. Mainly just close family, but I have a huge family.

    I appreciate the good vibes and support from this site. Y'all take care and I wish you healthy and happy pregnancies and babies.

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    Kristen, I am so so awfully sorry. I don't even know what to say. Life's unfair, and you would have made such a wonderfully warm, kind and generous mama. The good thing is definitely that you know you can, and I hope and wish with all my heart that you will get your baby. I wish you all the best, lots and lots and lots of hugs to you, and your husband. xxx
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    Oh Mrs H, i'm so terribly sorry. That really is sad news and my thoughts are with you sweetheart. It will happen for you, you can get pregnant and you will again. Lots of love xxx
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    @missusa: I am so sorry you are experiencing this loss. It is so unfair and I can't imagine how you're feeling. My prayers are with you and your husband!
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    MrsH, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. x

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