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    Hello all
    I'm new here, first pregnancy and only found out on Thursday so still early days but very excited (about 4 weeks) Having quite a bit of cramping in my abdomen and pain in my breasts but hoping it ill get better in the next few weeks x

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    Just popping in to say CONGRATS carrotcoriander! Very exciting! I'm about 18 weeks with my first and just wanted to say that I had a LOT of cramping (and even spotting too) until about the 11-12 week mark (breast pain too... tho honestly, I still have that!). I hope yours gets better soon and that it's smooth from here on out!

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    EDD February 18th, but I have my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound on Wednesday. I've been a silent Nameberry for many years, but never thought I'd get to contribute to my own child. Good luck everyone!

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    @Ottilie -

    Heck yes, we're finding out. I just hope these little ones are showing their wares.
    I spent 5 months thinking my son was actually a girl - I would have been devastated had I found out on delivery day. it took weeks to get used to a boy. And, I'm so happy that he was our first.

    But this time, my son wants 2 sisters. As do my husband, dad, sister and friends. I would like one daughter and the other is a bonus. Just so long as everyone is healthy, I'm ok.
    But I still think that we are going to need time to come to terms with the genders.

    I was looking at strollers and car seats and cribs... (Our stroller is a single, our crib is huge and I want them to have their own crib, and our car seats expired last December.) Ugh... It's depressing. The cost....
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    Carrot & Kwick; congrats!!! and welcome!

    Greci; I know!!!! I mean, it's not really the same for me, but Roo will be only ten and a half months when this one's born, she'll still need a lot of her baby stuff! We need a double buggy (not just one with a real seat and a crappy one, but with two real seats) double up on bottles... ugh. Anyway, not going to complain too much!

    I want to find out the sex of the baby, Husband does not. Does anyone have any super cute, awesome reasons I can use to convince him? This far I've got "we didn't find out last time, wouldn't it be fun to try out something new", but I'm not sure that's enough. He'll just say "but we loved not knowing!" which is true, but this time I need to know... I don't want to use negative or bullying reasons though, and my other of my reasons involves practicality (like if it's a boy we'll need different clothes) and the fact that he won out last time (but that borders on bullying for me), I don't want to force him into it. And the name thing's another reason, I'd like to focus on either boys or girls, but I'm pretty sure he'll see that one as a negative one as well. So if you've got some great suggestions to convince my man, please share!!
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