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    @shieldsc - You're due on my birthday Welcome and I'll add you to the list!
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    I have a horrible time with water! Last night I went to a Tea shop (Teavana) and met a great young man who talked me into a lot of stuff. Ultimately I bought a new brewer and 2 teas. Decaf of course. They had over 15 decaf choices! And then he showed me a chai tea that's commonly known as "Mother's Milk" since it increases lactation. I will most definitely be getting that one around December 1st.
    I just don't drink enough in general. It's a big problem as a diabetic and now pregnant. My friend joked our babies are Prunes instead of Kumquats this week!
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    Greci; Haha, that made me laugh, prunes! Getting enough water can be a b*tch, but I've started neat little tricks to make it easier. I always dilute juice with water (one third juice, two thirds water), I put cut up fruit and berries to flavour it, make ice lollies flavoured with elderflower cordial or rose water (adding some fruit to make them even tastier). I also carry a bottle of it with me everywhere and make sure to take sips often. That tea sounds amazing, I will need to look that up! It must be hard being diabetic and preggers, but you've done it once! This time it's twins though... twins!!! So scary. Are you going to find out the sexes?
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    Hello Everyone,
    Just wanted to pop in and say we are due on March 14th with our second baby. We are thrilled and so excited. Although, I will be relieved once we have made it through the first doctor's appointment and hear the heart beat. Trying to just enjoy the moment.
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    Congrats and welcome, Kennedi, shield, and frances

    Greci - Oh my, I won't even go into Teavana anymore, because they talk me out of too much money! I'm slowly trying to ramp myself up to the gallons of water I had to drink last time around. I had terrible BH starting in week 22 or 23, so the docs had me drinking practically my own weight in water. Well, I was supposed to go lie in a quiet place on my side, as well, but that's impossible when you work retail. I'm hoping I won't have that problem this time around since I won't be largely pregnant during one of the hottest summers on record, and stay at home with DD these days. I don't envy you and Otter your medical issues on top of the normal "joys" of pregnancy!
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