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    Lovewn, how painful and difficult, even if you are managing to keep a pragmatic outlook. Most likely there was nothing you could have done, just bad luck as you said. I'm sending good wishes your way for healing and for a healthy next pregnancy.

    Otter, sorry to put you on the spot! We all have unfinished projects. I'm sure your quilts will be full of meaning and beauty. I have a vision of The Baby Formerly Known as Rosalind's half-embroidered name, you picking out all the stitches and trying to salvage the R and O. Have you ever seen the quilts of Gee's Bend? Pretty inspiring.

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    I shouldn't have had those cinnamon buns yesterday. I didn't eat all of them (someone else found my little plate and the kitchen and helped himself) but I still got nauseous and felt bloated. Emma, yes, those Gee's Bend quilts are very beautiful. Luckily I hadn't gotten around to her whole name yet before we changed it, so it wasn't too difficult. This far I've made the Aphrod, maybe I should just stop there?

    Boston; even though you might get morning sickness it doesn't necessarily mean you'll throw up. If you do get, I find keeping a whole pineapple by my bed helps. Just smelling it calms me. And I love making pineapple granita, obviously you need to think ahead a bit (as it's frozen) but if I start making it at around 6-7 pm it's done by the time the waves of nausea sets in. Coconut and mango sorbets are other delicious and tummy soothing things I love to eat.

    Greci; hope your appointment went well!

    Vita; Ice cream... yum. I've got my ice cream machine ready for when my mood sets in... Hopefully your morning sickness won't last that long this time!
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    Lovewn - I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure it's painful, no matter how prepared you were. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    Otter - Mmm, a cinnamon roll sounds pretty amazing right about now. Your FIL is funny - I'm expecting some comments about racing my stepsister to #2, as we had our girls a few months apart from each other. Also, I'm so behind the times - did you and Boyfriend tie the knot and I completely missed it?! Because I'm going to miss referring to him as Boyfriend...

    grecian - Good luck with your OB appointment

    Boston - Ugh, sweaty palms, too? I hate that feeling where you're laying in bed and it just gets worse and worse. The crackers really helped me last time around. You're so right about the dealing with morning sickness and trying not to be late to work. I had the whole first trimester morning sickness routine worked out. TMI WARNING: I would sick up in the shower, because something about the heat got me every time. Then I was usually able to keep it under control until I got to the mall where I worked, and would swing by the bathroom for another round before heading to my store. I really hope it's not like that this time. Toddlers can be much crankier that even the crankiest customers when they don't think they're getting enough attention!

    Vitamom - Here's hoping it won't last that long this time!
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    So funny about your morning routine tk lol thankfully I didn't have to go into work until the afternoon today. I really didnt feel great so I just chilled in be for the morning!

    Speaking of work. I nanny right now. I'm trying to figure out something new though. It's proving difficult. Nannying would be nice because I could probably just switch jobs and I coul probably find a family that wouldn't mind me bringin the baby along. So that eliminate child care needs. But someone suggeted I find a business to switch over to now so that I will have a maternity leave instead of being completely out of work! Plus after having a baby of my own, I don't think ill want to have to go care for someone else's child!

    So I was just wondering- anyone have any idea of some part time work I could do? Maybe from home would be best?

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    Hi Ladies! I'm feeling for all of you with the Morning* Sickness. I had a little of it this time around, and never had it with my previous pregnancies. It sucks. But I think I've gotten the eating on a schedule thing down.

    I had my 10 week OB appt and another set of ultrasounds. First off, I was so happy that it was an External Ultrasound. I'm not a thin woman, so I thought for sure that it would another internal. Phew. Externals are so much easier and comfortable.
    Babies look good. Measuring 1 day ahead and have great heartbeats - 178 (A) and 176 (B).

    I had to go off of 3 of my daily medications. My family doctor, who told me that my Diabetic numbers were good, was apparently in the dark about pregnancy and diabetes. I'm now on Insulin 5+ times a day. And the dosages are just going to continue to go up.

    Anyone else out here dealing with Diabetes and Pregnancy?!?!?!?!

    We let the cat out of the bag this week too. We blasted our news to all of Social Media. We figured that once our son knew, he'd tell the world. And if anything negative happens, it will be so devastating that it will be easier if everyone knows. Just a personal choice.

    Here was our announcement. I hope it loads.

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