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    Haven't checked in in a while, so congrats to all the new members with good news!!!

    @tk: try not to stress! You are going to be a WONDERFUL mother of two beautifully named babies, I have no doubt!

    @ottilie: I'd love to see pics of the quilts! I'm a crafter too (knit, crochet, tat, embroidery, etc.) Would you feel comfortable posting pics of your creations?
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    Congrats to Bostonsavvy, that's great news!

    @Ottilie - glad your first visit went well!

    Had my 12 week ultrasound today - the NT scanning test - everything seemed great thankfully

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    Thank you to all! I have an apt tonight to confirm pregnancy and just so that I can ask my dr some questions! I am feeling Better knowing that I can take care of some of the 'unknowns' tonight!

    Question- so, today was when my period should have started. On Friday night I had some spotting which tipped me off that I could be preggers so I tested Saturday. Counting from the first day of my last period (June 3rd), I got a positive test on day 26, in the middle of the day mind you! Is this odd at all?

    Feeling much better and more in control today just hoping this first apt goes well and decreases anxiety rather than increase!

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    Thanks tintri! I certainly hope to be.

    Good luck tonight, boston - I'm sure all will be well I got a faint positive at 9 DPO, so it's not all that odd. So if you ovulated on day 14 or 15, that gave you at least 10 days before you tested, which is pretty normal. Most people just don't test until they miss their period, because that's the first sign that they might be pregnant, if that makes sense!
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    Tara; again, that video is the most hilarious thing ever!! I can totally picture cute little Ivy like that. The good thing about baby number two is that they're usually more easy going and less demanding. Crazy though... they need to deal with a lot so they turn into tough little things. I'm sure you will be a fantastic mummy to the next one, and that Ivy will be a great big sister.

    I might post a photo, maybe when they're both done? Roo's isn't really finished yet... I started embroidering Rosalind on it, but then we changed her name, so I had to re do that part! It's pretty neat, though. My parents moved last year, and they started going through all their stuff when I was pregnant, so when my mum found the childhood clothes box she made me go through it to see what I wanted. My sister is a all things new kind of gal, I like old stuff, so lucky for me, I got to pick out all the princess and faerie dresses for me!! Or Roo? Anyway, so many of the dresses, blouses and trousers were too well worn for me to put on my child, and some of the cuts were rather 80's, so I took them, cut them up into little squares and used them for her quilt! Added some new stuff as well. It's really beautiful, all gorgeous colours, flower patterns, lace, velvet and silk. It's quite big too. I'm going to be following the same style with this one, not the same fabrics necessarily, but using old fabrics filled with childhood memories. I've knitted her quite a few blankets as well. Knitting is so relaxing!
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