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    Oh, no, that sounds terrible! I never had that with Roo... or this one (knock on wood!). But these are classic remedies:

    - Drink lots of water and gentles teas, such as camomile.
    - Don't eat dairy products (except for yogurt), dried fruit or spicy food.
    - Eat foods like bananas, potatoes, cooked carrots, toast, and soups (especially blueberry soup).
    - Pepto-Bismol!!!!

    I hope you'll feel better soon, and good luck in the new job!
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    Mrs. H, you could try the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Just be careful because it can take you too far the other direction.
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    Thanks for the tips. I have had an uneventful few hours. Yay! I still feel like a dadgum wreck of fatigue and general stomach disquiet tho. Now having pangs of nausea.

    Could there possibly be a worse time to start a new job? Seriously.

    I am gonna play it by ear and if I feel like I need to be honest with them, I am just gonna be. That way maybe they will be sympathetic instead of just annoyed or concerned.

    Luckily I live less than a mile from the office. I was gonna walk but for now I will drive so I can easily escape home for bathroom trips if needed. I am so fortunate it's that close. Somebody's looking out for me. :-)

    Thanks again!

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    @mrs H, just wanted to mention Not to take pepto bismol... It contains aspirin which is contraindicated in pregnancy.

    I have been having some bowel issues myself in these early weeks. Bland foods....dry toast, saltine crackers etc are likely your best bet.
    Good luck with your new job!!

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    Bostonsavvy - Congrats and welcome!

    Missus - That's so rotten for you! Especially with the new job! I've been experiencing something similar, albeit a bit milder than yours sounds. Whit's suggestion is a good one. I've been inhaling bananas, and it's helped. It's also a good practice for me to get into, because I had really bad leg/foot cramps last time, and eating a couple of bananas a day was the only thing that helped!

    No other symptoms here right now, so just kind of enjoying the calm before the storm I did schedule DH and I for a "Meet the Midwives" night on July 10th, as I am considering having this kiddo at the new birthing center as opposed to the hospital where I had Ivy. Our family doctor shares the building, and I've become pretty comfortable with the ladies, since we're always there for either myself or Ivy. I have reservations, and am not completely sold on an out-of-hospital birth, but we'll see how it goes!
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