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    Oh AmandaRae!!! I am so sorry for your loss! I was just there earlier this year, and it's traumatic. Sending positive thoughts your way!

    @cvdutch31 - Christine - My sister and I tried the Prenatal Doppler Friday night. 9 weeks pregnant, I'm overweight, and having twins - I wasn't positive I'd hear anything at all.

    We watched 2 YouTube videos on how to do the scans, since the directions weren't clear at all.
    We heard the "horse cantering" sound so briefly, but never found it again. but we did find out that my laughter = 135 or so beats per minute.

    A friend of mine loves hers, as does her husband. I hope it will be fun for my family.

    My son (who will be 5 in July) already seems to know what's going on. And when I didn't answer him clearly yesterday, he started to crying because, I "wouldn't let us have a baby." I'm planning to show him the pictures and giving him all the positive answers as soon as we confirm that both babies are ok in a week.

    I'm feeling great right now... hungry all the time and so sleepy, but otherwise, I feel good. Can't complain.

    Hoping everyone is doing great!
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    Hello all my knocked-up shawties.

    So they had me come in for a blood hcg test since I was cramping and spotted. I'm 17 DPO and my level was 118. They will check me again Wednesday for doubling.

    All the charts say different stuff. From what I've seen this is kinda low but not scary low? I don't even know. And as usual the nurse was not helpful. When I ask her questions she reacts as though I'm speaking a similar but still foreign language. It's weird.

    This shit is so nerve wracking. The harder I try to relax the more my stupid brain is like "NO! YOU MUST WORRY!"

    So nausea today. Not a lot. Just twinges. Worse when I move or get really hungry. And headache. Not terrible but persistent.

    I still have random low cramps every once in a while. No spotting since that one time.

    Here's a question: is it possible the cramping/spotting was implantation? I thought you could only get a BFP after implantation and my BFP happened three days before the spotting.

    It's also possible both I and Fertility Friend interpreted my chart incorrectly.

    Anyway. Whatever. I'm 100% bona fide pregnant. Yeehaw!

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    @missusaytch: Spotting is possible ANY time, esp during the first trimester! I spotted consistently for 5 weeks - weeks 5-10. Everything was fine, that was just my body's way of adjusting to the pregnancy. So it's not necessarily bad. Mine was brown the whole time, I've been told that if it's pink or red it can be more serious. Just keep an eye on it, rest as much as you can, and be sure to stay as hydrated as possible. Good luck!!!

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    Thanks, cvdutch. My spotting was pink. It only happened once tho. :-/

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    I just discovered this thread. I'm 11w2d and due Jan 11. We tried for a long long time so it was such a huge surprise! I've had icky all-day-sickness right from day 1, although it's been getting better the last few days. I'm finally craving veggies again after a long month and a half! Still really tired, and now getting headaches. So things have gone really well so far, but I'm still paranoid - especially given how long we tried.

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