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    grecianern Guest
    Congrats Mrs H!!!

    And welcome to the rest!!!

    This wait until my 10 week ultrasound is taking forever. I can't believe it's only been a week since we found out about the twins, but I just want to see them again and make sure all is ok.

    Got my doppler in the mail last night. The directions are so confusing that I put it away. I started watching a You Tube video, and I'm going to try it tonight.

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    @grecianern: Just a word of caution about the home dopplers! I posted a forum here back when I was about 8 weeks along asking for feedback on them because I desperately wanted to rent one - we lost our first pregnancy to mc and it was driving me crazy to have to wait for the next doctor's appointment. But I got *so much* negative feedback on them, and so many cautions, that we ended up deciding against it - but I'll also add that my hubby was uncomfortable with the idea from the beginning (he prefers to let the doctor do it all). Anyway, what the commenters were saying is that it can be really, really hard to find your own baby's heart beat - especially this early in the game for you. So lots of women have bought/rented them, only to not be able to find a heartbeat, and then completely panicked and gone racing off to their doctor just to find out things are ok. The stories I got really ended up making me more nervous about it so that's why we ended up waiting for the doctor's visit.
    Anyway, you've already bought it and believe me, I 100% understand the motivation, just wanted to put this out there in case you hadn't heard the stories like I did. Just remember that if you can't find the heart beats, breathe and don't freak out (I know I would)! Most likely they're in there and they are just fine!!!
    Please do let us know how it goes once you figure out how to get the thing working, I'd love to hear your experience with it. I'm on an eternal wait until July 16th for our next scan and I still have the home doppler rental in the back of my mind. Everyone says you can relax once you pass the first trimester - but sorry, that's apparently not working for me! Good luck!

    Pregnancy #1: lost to mc, 10/11

    Amelia Joelle arrived on 11/28/13 at 7 pounds, 4 ounces of pure beauty. Couldn't be happier to finally be mama!

    Baby #2 - another GIRL! - due 8/1/16

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    I usually don't come onto this forum since I'm not a mom or ttc, but I just want to congratulate everyone who's gotten good news lately! It's awesome to see so many NB regulars expecting at the same time. I'm expecting lots of beautiful names in 2014!

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    Missusaytch - my doc's usual schedule is to draw blood at 6 weeks to check HCG / progesterone levels - then have you come in between 8-10 weeks for your first ultrasound. My last doctor followed the same type of schedule but she ordered the blood test as soon as I called to make a first appointment (so it was probably at 4 weeks). I say you just call and ask for the test - it isn't hard for them to order and may put your mind at rest. I wish they wouldn't make us all wait so many weeks for that first appointment but I guess there isn't much to see (or hear) really early on.

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    pinkcandle Guest
    Eek! I can finally join this thread. Of course, I'm at the very end of the spectrum- I'm due March 23rd, 2014. I can hardly wait to know the gender!

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