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    [QUOTE=lovewn;1936425@bonniepetro- I'm nervous too, is this your first baby? Having a baby near your birthday is fun, my son was born two days after my birthday. I think the chocolate cake my brothers got me the day after my birthday is what made me go into labor lol.[/QUOTE]

    This is my first baby. I have two step chilren, so I'm used to multi tasking. I'm very nervous about the pregnancy. I had cervical cancer within the last year and this was not a planned pregnancy. My doctor assures me that I'm healthy and it will all be fine so I'm trying not to panic.

    As far as symptoms, my chest is swollen and incredibly sore, my back aches, and it feels like something in clawing at my uterus. I have been getting migraines too, and of course I have to pee constantly. I am thankful however that I have yet to have any morning sickness. I definitely have a heightened sense of smell and have started developing some food aversions, but no sickness yet! Woo hoo!

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    Congratulations to tvland, ottilie, sunshinetina, mouseynz, alexandriam, milenaviolet and anyone else I missed! I am glad we have such a good thread going already.

    Today I had my 10 week ultrasound (you are supposed to go for the first time between 8 and 10 weeks but I had work commitments weeks 8 and 9 unfortunately so I had to wait to 10 weeks). It went really well - baby was moving all over the place and everything looked great! They were using a brand new super fancy machine they had just gotten that morning, so we got a really clear picture. I wasn't super worried since I had two unexpected early ultrasounds that showed the heart beat, but I was glad to see everything was right on track. I am due Jan. 11 and he said he wouldn't change that even if I measured a little behind or a little ahead. Next up I have an ultrasound with a radiologist at week 12 to check for nuchal translucency (you can opt out for that screening test if you want). Soon, I will try to get my husband to talk names, though he isn't the most interested in the process (but very opinionated about the end result). I look forward to more good news from everyone!

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    Oh, I'm so glad that so many more people are joining this thread. Welcome tvland, ottilie, and the others who just joined.

    bonniepetro: Wow, I would be nervous too, but that's great that your doctor says all is well now. Hopefully the symptoms will subside in a few weeks as you make it into the second trimester.

    heartsandstars: Yay! Healthy baby. I'm glad your doctor was wrong about the heartbeat being concerning. It's strange how different doctors say different things. My doctor could not even find my first child's heartbeat with a Doppler at 8 weeks and was not at all concerned, just sent me to the ultrasound; a few years before when my mom was pregnant with my much younger brother her doctor told her the pregnancy was definitely not viable when they couldn't find the heartbeat at 7 weeks with the Doppler, then the ultrasound showed everything was okay. Doctors really shouldn't say such concerning things when there is no conclusive evidence that something is wrong.

    I am so nervous, tomorrow is finally my first doctors appointment. Hopefully I'll be reassured by a wiggly baby with a strong heartbeat and can finally know my real due date. No reason to think I won't I guess, except that I don't even feel pregnant, but my husband says I have more symptoms than I think and that even if I hadn't told him yet, he would have guessed a while ago.
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    My doctors don't even do dopplers before 11 weeks. They automatically do an ultrasound, and most of the time, its an internal ultrasound. It's too hard otherwise.

    But, I actually bought a prenatal doppler for home. I am so nervous about these babies, that I just wanted the comfort to hear them at home. It should arrive in the mail today or tomorrow... but I realized last night that I'm only 9 weeks - we may not even be able to hear the babies for a few more weeks. duh.

    This has been the longest wait ever to get to the next appt. I am so worried all the time, and so eager for these babies - I just want to make sure that they are there and everything is ok.

    I've been doing a lot of reading... ridiculous amounts. It sounds like I'll be lucky to hit 37 weeks, so hopefully these kids grow healthy and become the tax breaks that their parents need!

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    Well, I'm back. I hung out on the TTC forum for a while, but got way too busy with work to keep up. Now I'm back to part-time so I hope to be around a bit more.

    After a miscarriage in February, I'm now 9 weeks (9+2) pregnant. This pregnancy started out the same as my first with lots of spotting. My doctor wanted to see me as soon as I got back from vacation (before would have been to early to see much) and I was relieved to see a heartbeat, even if it was a bit fast (180ish). Measured exactly on schedule (6+3) too. Two days later I started bleeding like I had started my period and I was convinced I was miscarrying again. It was a Sunday, so my doctor saw me on Monday and to my surprise, the baby was there with a healthy heartbeat and everything! She did, however, find a fundal subchorionic hemorrhage that had caused the bleeding and was threatening the pregnancy.

    Now, two and a half weeks later, things seem to be going ok. I had an appointment on Monday and because I hadn't had any more bleeding, she didn't think an ultrasound was necessary. She did see a blood vessel on my cervix that is probably responsible for the spotting (not the bleeding) and will keep an eye on it.

    So, I'm starting to relax...a little. The morning sickness (read: morning-noon-and-night sickness) is wearing on me and making it very challenging to stay hydrated, but I'm thankful that's it's there to reassure me.

    So that's me. Due January 21...and ready for the first trimester to be behind me!


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