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    Congratulations to you all ladies!! And two sets of twins - how lucky are we!

    I'm so happy this thread has been started too. I'm due Feb 5th next year. Today I'm 6 wks 5 days. I haven't had any symptoms at all so I can't wait fir my ultrasound on Thursday to see if the babys ok in there.

    Best wishes for all the girls TTC our there. Hopefully you get your BFP soon. For those that don't know my story hubby and I were TTC for 3 years. I have PCOS and blocked tubes so this is our IVF baby!!! Soooo excited!!

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    Congrats milenaviloet! It is so exciting to hear about families fighting and overcoming infertility issues.

    As far as symptoms, I'm only 4 weeks along right now so I haven't noticed many. I do get occasional cramps. I especially notice them after I've been sitting or laying for a long time and then get up. Also, been running to the bathroom several times a night ALREADY! Can't imagine what it's going to be like in a few months!
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    Hi all, I am expecting my first on 20 Feb which for me is a summer baby as I am in New Zealand. Absolutely love this website, have lots of names already, though I know my DH will be vetoing most of them! Fun to dream though, and I have got 8 months to work on him haha.

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    Due here too

    I'm due with baby 6 on February 8th and hubs, the kids and I couldn't be happier.
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    Hi everyone, I'm joining now!

    First of all; a BIG congrats to all of you! Lovewn, Hearts&Stars, Amanda, Whit, Gracie (twins!!!), Bonnie, Alexandria, Mouseynz and Tina, yay for babies! Tintri and Milena; I think I've already congratulated you, but if not, another yay for you! Sarah; thanks for starting the thread, and lots and lots of wishes in the babywell for you!

    Tintri, how sweet would twins be? I've never wanted them myself, but since you've been trying so long, I think it would be wonderful. Besides, you could use two of your fabulous names instead of just one!

    I am due I don't know when as this was an accident, but I'll find out in two weeks... My daughter is (almost) three months so this is crazy. I think I might be between 5 and 7 weeks along, which would put my due date in early to mid February. My symptoms this far are fatigue, nausea, and an aversion to cooked food (I've mainly been eating fruit, vegetables and biscuits/crackers for the past few days). I'm starting to get excited, although I still feel overwhelmed.

    Hope everyone's doing great!
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