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    @grecianern- That's fantastic! Possibly two sets of twins between you and tintri. I can't wait for Jan-Feb when we all start announcing our babies births, especially what the twins get named! Do you have any ideas yet? Take good care of yourself.

    @bonniepetro- I'm nervous too, is this your first baby? Having a baby near your birthday is fun, my son was born two days after my birthday. I think the chocolate cake my brothers got me the day after my birthday is what made me go into labor lol.

    I'm curious, how is everyone doing with their symptoms? I've not really had any and I think I'm almost 11 weeks along. Is that sometimes normal or a sign of problems? I have to wait until Wednesday for my first Dr. appointment and I'm so nervous since there is no way for me to know if everything is OK. I hope they send me for an ultrasound immediately after my appointment. I think this is by far the worst part of pregnancy even without morning sickness or other symptoms, if could just feel baby I'd be reassured but I don't even really feel pregnant except for maybe getting a bit more exhausted than I used to when I have to wrangle my wild two year old.
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