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    grecianern Guest
    Thanks for starting this... I was wondering when it would pop up.

    I have my 8 week ultrasound in 4 hours (but who's counting?) I am so incredibly nervous. We had an ultrasound on March 8th and discovered that our pregnancy wasn't viable. I had a D&C and it was rough for all of us. So... I really want to get past this appointment and the 10 wk OB check up on July 2nd. And then I feel like I can breathe a little bit.

    Congrats @Tintri!!! - I also have Endometriosis, it actually runs in my family though no one put the links together until this generation. I had the surgery in 2007 and conceived our son naturally 24 days later. I had it again last November, and it took a about 3 months to conceive using Femara.
    this pregnancy was conceived using Femara on the the first cycle of trying Post-Miscarriage.
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    Good luck grecianern! Sending prayers your way to help calm your nerves. So glad to meet someone with another success story! They sure can do some miraculous things these days.
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    I'm due with my first February 16th. I'm very nervous, and very excited. Especially since the baby's due date is only 11 days away from my birthday!

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    grecianern Guest
    I have amazing news... we had our first ultrasound today. 8 wks. And everything is perfect!!!

    So perfect, it's actually TWICE as perfect!!! TWINS!!!

    They are measuring the same, and right on schedule. And each has the same heartbeat of 169 bpm. We are so happy and feeling so blessed. I've had twins on the brain all week... now I know why!

    I can't get the picture to load, so here it is on my blog:

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    grecianern Guest
    Oh, due date is January 24th for now...

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