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    A gender reveal party sounds like fun! I think I will be too impatient to do it myself, but I would love to go to someone else's!

    We got some fun news yesterday.... My early beta and progesterone levels indicated there is a high possibility I'm carrying TWINS! I went in for another blood test today, so I will know more tomorrow. The nurse said they won't definitely know until the 7 week ultrasound, but my high levels combined with the fact that I was on Clomid make twins very probable. I AM SO EXCITED! For those who haven't read my story before, I have endometriosis and just underwent surgery to remove it a month ago. Prior to that, we had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years with no luck. So this pregnancy is most definitely a miracle in my eyes, and the possibility of twins is unbelievable.

    I'll update when I get more info. Thanks all!
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    Tintri- I'm so excited for you! You could have a house full of kids pretty quickly and that is definitely wonderful after you may have not been sure you'd ever have any. If not twins, at least I think that means your body is working well with this pregnancy. Keep us updated!

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    Tintri- so glad your hormone levels are good! My weekly blood tests always made me so nervous. And congrats on the possibility of twins! So fun :-)
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    @hearts_n_stars - I'm actually due early December but I just wanted to chime in here and say that our peanut's heartrate was also 96 at our 6 week ultrasound. That is completely normal and our OB said it was perfect and nothing to worry about. At week 8 it had gone up to 160 where it belongs (tho 130 is also considered perfect). So please don't stress out too much! As long as your hormone levels have been where they belong, and the heart rate went up, I'm sure everything is just fine! (Believe me, I know it's way easier said than done)

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    @tintri - Congratulations, that's so exciting! It's lovely to hear of someone getting a positive after trying for such a long time! Best of luck on your journey
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