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    @grecianern: Weston sounds so AWESOME! And I think it's adorable that you guys have baby name conversations.
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    Hi all! My doctor was out delivering a baby during my appt yesterday, so I got to tell my underwear story to her nurse instead. She actually thought it was hilarious and reminded me that if that's the worse thing that's happened in my pregnancy, I'm doing pretty good.

    My anatomy scan is October 15th (almost 22 weeks!). Can't wait to update you with gender! Thanks for your continued support regarding my bump. Your comments have really helped me feel a lot better about my body.

    I'm enjoying reading your stories and comments, but to be honest this group has gotten pretty big and I'm having trouble keeping up! So I just wanted to say a blanket congrats to everyone who has learned their baby's gender and had successful scans. I look forward to the next few months with you ladies!
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    Oh gosh, the whole epidural thing can be a bit of a can of worms. If you need one you need one but I usually tell people who ask to try and avoid them if possible as they increase risks of complications for both you and your baby. They can slow labour (increasing your chances of c-sec and interventions) and can also do things like make your baby sleepy, which can affect breastfeeding establishment. Some women have no issues at all with them but if you can avoid those possible risks I think it makes sense to. And if you do opt for an epidural, having one prior to 4cm dilation is associated with higher risks so best to wait until labour is well underway.
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    Oh my gosh the stories of kids naming choices are the cutest. Heart / Hart could make an adorable mn, Flounder not so much .
    Unfortunately Ayla will probably not be much help in that department as shell only be 18mnths when number 2 arrives.
    We had the 12 wk scan yesterday. All looking good. 1st OB appointment on Tuesday so it's starting to get a bit busier and a bit more real.
    Failing miserably to wean A, I would love to have her fully weaned by Christmas but she seems to have no intention of giving it up yet, the few bottles I've offered get played with then thrown across the room. I guess I just have to keep persevering!
    Tintri people can't help saying something about bumps - your either huge, or too tiny, or your a boy shape or a girl shape.... Blah blah blah. Just try and enjoy being pregnant - it's not always glamorous but it is an amazing experience and results in the best present ever!!
    Babylove I would keep it in mind as an option and do my research but you don't know what labour will bring. Trust your chosen medical team (change if your not comfortable with them) and keep your options open. I thought I didn't want pethadine but I went into hospital at 9pm, had it within an hour of being there at it allowed me to sleep between contractions but had worn off by 4am when the pushing part began. I did get an episiotomy and didn't feel it at all at the time and it healed real quickly. Would do it all again the exact same, but this time may be different and I'm not opposed it the epidural if my OB feels its needed.
    Congrats to all those who have found out genders. Looks like blues dominating. DH thinks boy, I think girl. 8weeks till we find out!

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    Wink You'll Never Guess!

    Been so busy for the last month or so with everything that I haven't posted in ages! But, yesterday was our 20 week scan for our twins due in January, and we found out something amazing!

    IT'S BOYS!!!

    Sooo excited for January! It was funny actually, we weren't sure whether we wanted to know, and the nurse tried to avoid the 'give-away' area, but after about a minute, it was pretty obvious that we had two boys! Anyway, this time, at 20 weeks, this was how they measured:

    Twin A: 341 grams
    Twin B: 336 grams

    Doctor also said it didn't look like there were any signs of TTTS or cord complications, which is great (especially because our twins are what they call "mo-mo" (monochorionic-monoamniotic). We've now got to go back every two weeks to keep a lookout for TTTS of other complications, which is a bore, but just so glad that they're ok. Really excited now that we can focus on boys names, will be posting regularly to ask opinions on our favourites, so give me your thoughts!

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