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    Wellll, my parents already knew, but none of my siblings did, so that was fun. Everyone feels obligated to say "Don't you know what causes that?! Har, har." Groooooan. I think people were happy for us though. Thanks for the compliments, ladies, you made me smile

    Greci - I'm off to check out Penney's in a sec. I bought shorts there this weekend for Ivy for next year for about $2 a pair (BAM!), but they didn't have maternity stuff in store.

    Sarah - Darn, I missed the pic! I check out for a few days, and I miss TEA PARTY pics?!

    Otter - No, she never, ever stops moving. Not even in her sleep! I think she was doing a booty dance and flapping her hands in that photo. I mean, what else can you do when you have 3 mirrors in one tiny room?!

    Tuitree - Ayla's room sounds very similar to Ivy's. It's a little darker than dove, with white furniture and a couple different shades of teal/pink/purple. I figure if baby is a boy, all I'll have to do is roll up the rug and switch out the pink baskets

    Rookachoo - Oh my god, hugs. Lots of them. Both of my babies have really enjoyed playing hide and seek with the doppler and it. is. TERRIFYING. I'm sorry you're having such an awful time with illness, and can only imagine the stress that puts on you I know you said you've tried nasal rinses. Does that include a netti pot? Because I totally second that recommendation, just make sure you use distilled water to avoid putting additional bacteria in there. Also, if you have seasonal allergies at all that might be irritating things or perpetuating the infection, you might try rooibos tea with raw honey. Rooibos can help with inflammation, and has really given me relief with my seasonal allergies as long as I drink a cup in the morning and evening. I'm sorry that I don't have more advice!

    tintri - You look amazing! So freaking adorable! The way you carry the baby is so different from woman to woman, I really wouldn't worry. People just feel like they have to say something, and sometimes they choose the most obnoxious/annoying things! I'm so glad your scare wasn't real, but that is one hilarious tale to remember. I once showed up at work with a pair of underwear (men's, no less) attached to my pant leg. Yay for static cling and not checking the mirror before I left the house!

    Sarahmezz - thanks for updating the first page!

    Milasmommy - Glad to hear that baby's doing well! Good luck with getting everyone recovered from jet lag.

    Frances - I'm sorry that it wasn't a good visit with the in laws. It's amazing the amount of stress that some people can put on others without a second thought (I may be reading this wrong, I'm just basing it off of what I think I remember from previous posts). Only 10 days until your gender scan, yay!
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    Sorry to hear about the visit, Frances. Any guesses on what you're having?
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    MilasMama- Haha, NO! This one has me so confused. At first, I would have sworn it was a girl, because my N/V has been way out of control (not like with Hal) and my acne is awful as well (also, not like the first pregnancy.) However, if you take those away, everything else is exactly the same as my first, the way I'm carrying, how much weight I've gained, the way my clothes are fitting. I dreamed that I sent my blood off for a gender analysis and I got back this 1,000 page report and I was tearing through all the pages trying to make sense of all the charts and graphs and I STILL couldn't figure it out what the sex of this baby was. Hopefully the wait is almost over and they can get a good enough picture to know for sure. We are frantically trying to decide on a potential girl's name, because I want to announce both at the same time. It is an odd feeling, though, not knowing. Somehow, I just knew all along with Hal that he was a little boy, even from the very beginning. In some ways, even though we waited to find out with Hal, I feel like this baby is my true surprise.

    P.S. Thanks for all the supportive comments about the in-laws. I needed that this morning ladies!
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    Hey ladies! Lots of boys coming since I was last on here! We still haven't scheduled our anatomy scan - I am hoping it will be in about 3.5 weeks though. I am starting to look a little more pregnant (almost 16 weeks) but still not feeling baby move, boo. Neither myself or hubby have a guess yet as to whether we are having a boy or girl! Haven't brought the maternity clothes bin out of the basement but I think I will have to soon, at least for longer shirts

    Hope everyone (and their kiddos) is feeling better and recovering from their sinus infections, eating hairbrush pieces, etc!!! My almost 19 month old has gotten really into the word "no" over the past week so that's what we have been dealing with in my house...yikes. We finally finished putting up all the decorations in her room - we moved just over a month ago now - just in time to find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl. Meaning we will start getting the nursery ready and need to get her out of the crib. Ahh! Not a transition I'm too excited for. Someone please tell me their child did great with it, all the no napping stories got me scared. That's the only time I get to myself! Maybe she will surprise me...

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