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    grecianern Guest
    I waited until the 10 wk appt. I needed another ultrasound to make sure everyone was ok.
    Before that, our close family & friends knew, our daycare provider (had to get in line) and everyone at my DH's work, because he can't keep a secret.

    We announced on Facebook at 10.5 weeks, the night of our ultrasound. I used an ultrasound picture, and because we aren't sure if the babies will be December or January, I had snowflakes falling all around them and added "Coming January 2014" and "TWINS!"

    It got the point across.

    With our last pregnancy, the one we lost, I made a Postagram (It's like an instagram picture that you mail as a postcard with a Pop-out picture.) I had my hubby's feet, then mine, then our son's, and then we had a pair of baby shoes with a pumpkin, since that baby was due 10/15/13. In 4 separate squares, since we hadn't told our son yet. And then we mailed them out and waited for the phone calls. I loved that one.

    We were going to do the "Expiring" shirt, but I wanted to convey twins... and wasn't sure how to do it. And i have no patience and couldn't wait for the shirt.

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    grecianern Guest
    I have a symptoms question...

    my breasts are beyond super sensitive! So much so, that I wake up in the middle of the night in pain. It's unbearable sometimes. I've tried blankets, heating pads, hot showers - nothing really helps for long.

    I had this for about 5 weeks with my son's pregnancy - weeks 5-10-ish. And then it was gone. And also, only on the left side. now it's both, multiple times a day.

    Any idea how to make this better?!?!? i'm already up 2-4 times a night to go to the bathroom, I really would like more sleep.


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    My scan yesterday went really well. Everything looked to be right on track It was so nice to see my little one. We're telling our family tomorrow night. I am so excited!
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    Yay for good scans! Have fun telling your family
    Tara, proud mama to a Honey Badger
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