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    Just caught up on all the news - there is a lot in this thread! Again, congratulations to everyone joining, it is fun to read about everyone.

    Had my 14 week appointment on Friday (though I turned 15 weeks yesterday) and was a little upset because it took them forever to chase the baby around in my stomach with the doppler to finally measure the heart beat. I had just had an upsetting appointment with the vet beforehand where they told me bad news about my cat, so I was upset to have any trouble whatsoever at the doctor's. It was fine, but I had that real moment of panic where the doppler is on, the sound is up, and there is just nothing but an echo. She finally chased the baby to the far corner by my hip and was able to measure the heart beat, but it was a little scary. I am wondering if this means he/she will be a stubborn baby after he/she is here... I was just grateful they were able to find and measure the heart beat - won't take for granted the "easy" check up appointments any more, that's for sure!

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    Hearts_n_stars: That sad about your cat hope its ok, any your little one sounds like a trouble maker I'm only 6 and a bit weeks so have another 6 weeks before my first scan the waiting is exciting but really want to see my little one.

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    Hello everyone! I'm curious about who has told others they are expecting? Who did you tell/how did you tell them? How far along were you? Or how long do you plan to wait until you tell others?

    I think today I am 12w1d. Am I technically in the second trimester or will I be in the second trimester when I reach 13w? I keep getting confused with all of this.

    We plan to tell the kids soon and then my husband and I's parents. It has been so hard keeping it to ourselves, I can hardly contain the news.
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    @cora - Once you hit twelve weeks, you're in the second trimester! Feel free to tell everyone at will! There are some cute ideas for telling people on youtube.
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    @cora: my Ob told me to wait until week 13 or 14 because of the 2 week delay (how they count you as 2 weeks preggo when you actually conceive). I don't think it matters much at that point but I went by what she recommended. Congrats on being so close to your second trimester, you're almost at the easier part!

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