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    Just found this thread! I am due with #2 on February 7th! This is a great thread. Keeping all these mommas and growing babies in my thoughts!
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    I'd love to join you here - I'm due on March 21st so far. Probably get adjusted at first scan.

    Been doing really well until today where the nausea hit me like a sledge hammer! Also been extremely fatigued this time!

    This is our 3rd child =D

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    Mila - All my pregnancies have been so different!

    with our first I had no symptoms. My breast were a bit tender for about 2days. (boy)

    with our second I felt like I was dying! Had nausea and threw up until I was 16 weeks, then it started to wear off a bit. I couldn;t get near meat and everything smelled like asparagus! (boy)

    This time, I'm so fatigued I can barely stand on my feet.And the nausea is slowly creeping up on me.

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    Hi! I'm due 14th feb found out when I was only 4 weeks gone and I'm still only 10 weeks! This is gonna be a long pregnancy lol!

    Got my 12 week scan in 2 weeks time tho can't wait!

    My little girl will be 4 in January and she's so excited, keeps kissing my belly lol

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