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    Mrs. H! I'm also so sorry! We had a blighted ovum in March. and it sucks. I think the emptiness of the sac makes it even worse, just because it felt like a baby to everyone, but there wasn't one to be seen.

    I'm here if you want to talk about it. If not, I get that too. I'm sending hugs your way.

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    @babtr1ll -

    I have my 13 week tests and ultrasound on Thursday. Checking for Down's, etc. 1 hour of ultrasounds and then the OB appt... wondering what will be comfy to wear for that?!?

    I was told that we have a 15-20% chance of identical twins. I ovulated from only the Right side, but they couldn't see how many. We have 2 sacs and they are on opposite sides, but if the egg split before implantation, which is possible, then we'd have identical babies in 2 sacs. One way to rule that out is 1 boy and 1 girl.

    I actually bought a used crib and some other stuff last night... so the spending begins. But I got an amazing deal. I'm going the mini crib route. As my sister says, I'll probably put them in bunk beds anyway... no point in getting expensive convertible cribs.

    We are name crazy right now. My hubby is holding out, but everyone else is throwing things everywhere. I think we're about 75% settled on one for each gender. I promised my hubby in the heat of the moment that he could name a boy his favorite name since we were having 2. Most of our people want 2 girls, A few others are calling one of each. The main thing is healthy babies. But I really want at least 1 daughter.

    I want the names to flow well. I like our boy options for that reason.

    Our son is Weston. I promised my husband he could have Keegan (and I'm loving it now, it only took 5 years!) if one was a boy. If the second Baby is a boy, I want a similar sounding name. So the top of our list is Landon and Griffin... Same sound, strong middle syllable and ends in an "n". which I love.
    Middle names are usually family names: my faves right now are Nathaniel, Samuel, Damon, Miller, and William

    For Girls, our leading name right now is Emerson Mary Elizabeth, to be called Emme. So, I guess we could be set for a B/G set.
    If we have 2 girls, there comes the drama... We both have Aunt Lindas who are very important to us. We've toyed with Rosalind as a tribute, calling her Lindy. I love the idea of using my sister's middle names "Linda Marie" for a 2nd daughter since our 1st daughter will have mine (which are a family tradition). So it would cover my sister's names, our Aunts Linda, and my sister-in-law whose middle name is Marie. All the aunts are covered. My other loves for first names are Caroline, Eden, Gemma... it goes on and on. I'm really in love with Caroline right now, and my husband's grandfather was Charles and his sister is Carol - it's a cute little nod to them. and it's so classic, but I worry about it matching with Emerson...
    Unisex and classic female??? Its a hard call. I wish my hubby would help. I figure one more ultrasound and he'll start being less afraid. And after we find out the genders, he'll really get into it.

    I love names ending in an "n" sound. I blame my mom, all 3 of us kids have "N" endings. It just sounds right to my ears.

    Are you waiting to see if they are identical to start thinking?

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    Hi all, I've just noticed this thread!
    I'm cautiously due somewhere between March 8 (by LMP) and March 16th (by my suspected ov date) next year. Feeling very anxious and uncertain about this pregnancy as I have hardly any symptoms compared to last time, but of course I'm hoping all is well. I'm about 5-6 weeks at the moment
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    If I had a baby tomorrow...
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    Cora & Milasmam, congrats and welcome! Mila (I'm shortening here), I've been waiting for you... I read the TTC thread every day and was very excited about your news! I'm always swooning over the names in your signature....

    I'm so tired and exhausted, England is so hot right now. Nothing to do but hammocking and sleeping... but alas, no. We've been driving in a hot car with a baby all day. We bought a house last week and I was so thrilled, then on Saturday we got a call that the (insert bad bad word of your choosing) people who live there changed their minds. Wanted to stay another year. I cried and screamed and kicked things like a little child that day, on Sunday we arranged viewings with our guy and now we've had two days of seeing houses again. But we think we've found the one, even better than the previous house. No owners in this one, it's a LOT of work, but we think we'll have it up by December. We'll know if we get it in the next few days... Okay, I know that was not really pregnancy related, but it will be a load off when I know we've got the house thing under control, then I can relax and enjoy this pregnancy more.

    Pregnancy stuff: I'm not throwing up anymore! Still nauseous, still pretty much on a fruit and vegetable diet, but that's fine. I'm wondering if Roo is noticing the baby (in a scent and taste way, not like she thinks about it), she's been so clingy and emotional (weird word to use, she's just been more high maintenance lately). And I saw a cute twinnish buggy today! It was very sweet with good seats and looked solid. I need to investigate more...
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    Thank you for the warm welcome!

    Ottilie, I hope you can find a home you love and be settled in well before your little one arrives!

    We will be finding out in the next few weeks if my husband got a job that will require us to move or not. I am having very mixed emotions about the whole deal (I'll blame it on these darn pregnancy hormones). On one hand, it is a great job that DH would love. It would be more money and less hours, so he would have more time at home, especially when Baby Chicken arrives. He is gone a lot for work right now, and it would be nice to have him around more. However, if we did have to move it might mean getting to see the kids less. Right now the kids are with us some of the time, and with their moms the other part of the time. We live fairly close, so it has never been an issue. I worry that if we move, our time with the kids would be very limited. Sorry, for going on and on. My heart is just heavy today.
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    It's a boy!
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