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    Bostonsavvy congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

    Mrs H: Fresh ginger tea, probiotics, white rice, plain yoghurt. Good luck with your new job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitamom3 View Post
    @mrs H, just wanted to mention Not to take pepto bismol... It contains aspirin which is contraindicated in pregnancy.
    Oh, that's right, sorry! Bad advice! In my defense I haven't taken pepto bismol since I was 20... anyways. Bad bad Otter.

    Midwife's appointment was today! I'm getting confused with the days, when your husband works in the house (and doesn't have any "hours") you don't really get that weekly routine. So I thought we were one day behind... which now makes sense, I thought there was many people out having breakfast on Friday (which of course, turns out to have been Saturday). I am eight weeks along, due date is the 9th of February. If this one does what Roo did (turning up too early), I might have two babies by the time I turn 31. And all is good. She thinks I'm too thin, but baby looks good and blood pressure and everything is perfect! I am so, so relieved. And hubs is out of the house with Roo (play date with other dads), so I have a quiet morning. I've started making a quilt for the baby, as I did one for Roo I thought this would be something sweet to do for each baby. And of course the battle begins to try and convince husband to find out the gender. But I'm as happy as can be right now. I actually don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now.
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    Aw Otterling, that's lovely. Aquarius baby! Maybe you'll have a little Valentine. Get to stitching and fattening yourself. Can you post a picture of Roo's quilt, or describe it?

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    Yay ottilie! I'm so glad that everything looks good and that you're feeling blissful about it all <3

    I wish I could say the same! I took Ivy to meet my dad for lunch, wearing her Big Sister shirt... and it was just awful. He's already told me in the past that I should stop with her because she's so darn awesome, and because she has such a big personality that a second kid wouldn't have a chance. Which I think is hilarious and ridiculous, but whatever. At any rate, she was acting out rather horribly at lunch, because apparently she needed an early nap today (which she never does). I think it just hit me what trying to manage two kids in public is going to be like, and it scared the hell out of me. Even if #2 is incredibly mild, there is a reason that I refer to Ivy as the Honey Badger. If don't know what I'm talking about:

    ETA: Language warning on the video

    Anyway, just feeling a little down about my mothering abilities at the moment. I know that Ivy will be 8 months older, and in a completely different place developmentally speaking, so there is really no way to know what it will be like, but.... yeah.
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    Tara - I had that all last week. My husband works in the State's Alcohol and Beverage division... and with the 4th of July this week, he was working 12-17 hr days all last week. And as I was pushing my almost 5 yr old to take a bath, I kept thinking, "How am I going to do this with 3 kids? 2 of them Babies?!?!?" My husband works 4 - 10-12 hr days, 8am-7pm or later... this is going to be insane managing alone at dinner time, etc.

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