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    I'm pretty sure Zu's fever was Roseola, cause a mysterious rash came on for a day or so after her fever broke. I thought that was that, but about a week later she had a fever AGAIN of about 103F. That may have just been heat exhaustion though, because she had no other symptoms & it went away fairly quickly.
    Thanks for the pep talk Sarah! We managed to get out on a date for Corey's birthday last week, so we are starting to feel a little more human now. Still finding it hard to find my mojo but I'm sure that's just stress & exhaustion (and hopefully temporary!).
    The stress has started to affect my milk supply so I'm really hoping it comes back when things start to settle down. June has been THE WORST. We had a couple financial surprises this month, the big ones being an estimated $2100 on immediate car repairs & $1500 for our hot water tank to be replaced, all on top of property taxes being due.

    Thinking positively, work for me has been going fairly well, and I am finding delegating things to Corey to be really helpful - he is arranging the car repairs & he got the hot water tank fixed within just a couple days of it bursting. He likes that he gets to feel productive too which is good. Still super annoying when he only half-does things though (putting dirty clothes in the diaper bag, or only pants for Azula & all shirts for Indie or something) so I have to force myself to laugh about it sometimes.
    Azula is almost TWO now which is crazy and amazing and so exciting. We are going to the beach for her birthday party so that should be a lot of fun. I went to the dollar store for lots of buckets & bubbles and things for the kids & I'm going to make a sandcastle cake worthy of any Pinterest page. Indira is starting solids now too (she's a big hungry girl), so hopefully we will all be sleeping better through the night soon. She's loving the jolly jumper right now & watching her bounce around in there is just hilarious.

    @Sarah - Oh they are so cute when they put some weight on |& get all squishy! I love that your brother calls her Tesla, that's so special. Also yeah that sounds like it could for sure have been PPD. Glad you're feeling better now & can get energized about things again. Also I added you to Facebook, it'll be good to keep in touch when this thread slows down
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