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    YEAH! So I have to wait all the way until August 1 for my first appointment, it's already going by so slow! Also my doctor's office said they try to limit the ultrasounds as much as possible - So I will probably only get one at 19-20 weeks. That wait will be agonizing, too. We are so excited though to be having our second (and last) little one!
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    I'm very excited for everyone who has joined recently! It's so interesting to see how different everyone is!

    For MrsH and anyone else with similar concerns, I will say that I had spotting every day from 4w2d until 8w6d, when it started to taper off, as well as full-on bleeding for 2 days at 6w5d. I've also had 3 normal ultrasounds in that timeframe. Apparently the spotting is related to a blood vessel on my cervix which my dr visualized at my last appointment, but appeared to be "calming down," which explains why the spotting tapered off. The bleeding (which i assumed was a miscarriage from my previous history) is actually a fundal subchorionic hemorrhage, which can result in miscarriage or a healthy pregnancy, so even a pregnancy with period-like bleeding can still produce a healthy baby. All that to say, yes it can be normal and the baby can be healthy with all that going on. Of course, I'm not holding my breath until I get into the 2nd trimester (because of the hemorrhage/hematoma), but it's very reassuring to know that the baby is growing and developing appropriately so far, even with all the scares.

    Of course, anecdotal evidence means very little (nothing) in predicting outcomes, but I thought it might give you a little peace of mind to know that some women do just spot during pregnancy.


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    Thanks sarahmezz. Our first is due 30th January 2014. I'm seven weeks now and very excited!
    Love the idea of a gender reveal party! Might do one myself...

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    rookachoo - Congrats! Sorry about the morning sickness I'm not quite there yet, but not looking forward to it at all. Do you have a juicer? My friend made me some apple, cucumber, celery, and ginger juice this morning and it was super refreshing. Sounds gross, but it was seriously tasty and ginger was a life saver for me during my first tri with Ivy. I hope it gets better for you soon!

    lovewn - Glad you're getting to relax a bit. It's amazing how reassuring those symptoms can be, even while making us feel awful. I can't decide what would be neater - you or your son sharing a birthday with the new baby, or it falling smack between them!

    otter - yay for getting a due date!

    grecianern - How sweet that your son is so excited. He's going to lose his mind when he finds out that there are TWO in there!! No advice on when to share though... I'm sure it's a family to family thing. If it feels like the right time, then I'd go for it

    missus - YAY for doubling!!!! And CDing. I'm looking forward to building a newborn stash this time around, as we had some horribly ugly/crunchy covers last time around and I'm replacing them with something soft and adorable.

    lcmpdx - Congrats! 8/1 does seem like a long way away, doesn't it. Time is crawling for me too. I can't believe that I haven't even known for a week yet!

    I'm just starting to experience a bit of nausea here, and have woken up the last two mornings with horribly achey breasts. Luckily, that mostly subsides, as long as my toddler doesn't punch me directly in the chest at any point :lol: I've got my first appointment scheduled for 7/23. I'm guessing that my doc will probably do an in-office sonogram just to check estimated due date, because I've had very irregular cycles since starting back up post partum. However, I'm fairly certain it happened this month, just based on the way I feel now and that I'm pretty positive about when I ovulated.
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    Can I ask you ladies for some advice/opinions? I know I'm not due in Jan. anymore but I've felt comfortable in here since the beginning so I figured I'd ask.
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