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    I love Wellington too Tui Such a cool little city.

    Bex - totally agree it is what you are exposed to. We made a conscious effort to be gender neutral regarding toys and our daughter loves everything from firetrucks to dinosaurs and dragons. She does have a doll and a tea set as far as stereotypically 'girly' stuff is concerned, but she's not that into either.
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    Having only bro's I obviously was a bit of a tomboy. None of my friends growing up were very girly either, so don't really "get" girlie girls. My husband has two sisters who were very typical "girls" - really into dance, hair, makeup, princessy stuff... and that's not me AT ALL. so I guess that's what terrifies me a bit about having 2 girls. His parents are both really into sports so I have a hard time imagining they really fostered that girly attitude. I get along fine with my sisters-in-law but it can be awkward finding things to talk about, and I'm worried I'm going to have the same difficulty relating to my daughters.

    I always envisioned having all boys, so this is all just kind of weird for me.
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    I get that. Especially since the coolest toys are geared towards boys, it does make imagining boys easier (I thought that way till we found out we were having a girl). But your girls may have tomboy friends and that will probably influence them, though same goes if they have girly friends. Your in-laws may love sports, but they could of also indulged the typical girly things, or the SIL's friends did. But I don't think you will have a hard time relating to them as they get older, my mom and I are opposites (I'm the tomboy, my mom was girly) in a lot of ways, but we are close for the pure fact that we care and are interested in what's going on in each other's lives. And I see my mom a lot too, we've never run out of things to talk about.
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    Ugh. Another very emotional day. These hormones are ridiculous! I feel just awful! I can't stop crying, everything is making me stress/ feel anxious! I was never an emotional person before, so it is taking quite a toll. I guess it is payback for never having had morning sickness.

    On the bright side, it looks like baby boy has a good chance of being Jameson Michael Kamakana (Jem). It is tradition for babies to be given a Hawaiian middle name in my family, and this one was chosen by my aunt, who also gave me my Hawaiian name. Kamakana means 'the gift'. Runner up would be Noah John. Hubby still hasn't given the Jameson combo the go ahead, so it isn't set in stone yet. We may even end up waiting to see him before choosing one or the other. We will see. I would be happy with either.

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    Completely forgot to write in this thread oh my god!

    My duedate has been moved to the 17th and its a girl =D

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