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    Tui, congrats on your little girl! I had a little heartbeat of disappointment too for the same reasons. I'm thrilled to be having a little boy, but we're only planning on two kids (DH is off to get the snip after this!) but I also wish Mila could have had a sister.

    Ottilie, I hope the second one isn't crazy! I already have one of that ilk lol. And you're right not to want to live on a resort. I originally said no but the money is pretty hard to turn down (no living expenses and they pay our tax, for a start). The job he got is in Wellington and we are from Wellington, so it's going home for us Exciting to be planning a trip over here! I may be biased but I do think New Zealand has some pretty stunning spots.

    TK - yup, will be home in 4 weeks and Cato isn't due until March, so plenty of time
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    tuitree - congratulations on another girl! i was hoping for a little man this time around so i was a bit disappointed when we found out we're having another girl. i've warmed up to the idea now though. i only had brothers growing up so i spent my childhood pretending to be pirates and playing ninja turtles. i don't know what to do with little girls so its a little terrifying!

    ottilie - i hear that. this baby is SO MUCH more active than my first. crazy, i think i can handle. as long as she's quieter. Azula is non-stop noise.
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    Just saw this- I'm due January 13 We don't know the sex, though.
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    Wow, been away for a little bit and I feel like I missed a lot!
    Congrats to those who found out the genders!

    Mila - glad the bleeding has stopped and that you get to go back home! How exciting, that must've been the best news!

    Katie - little girls with sisters like that stuff too! I'm the youngest sister and I grew up pretending to be a ninja turtle, a ghostbuster, and being a hero like Batman. It's all what you are exposed too. Yes, little girls do tend to get a lot of princess stuff, but doesn't mean they can't be a self-rescuing princesses!

    Not a lot to update here. Little girl is a mover, much to the husband's delight, but not my bladder's. I am 24 weeks and still dealing with morning sickness, which has been a pain in the butt, but what can you do.
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    Mila, I studied in Wellington and met my hubby there so it's a really special place for us... If we ever moved back I'd be pushing to live there. I love everything about it.
    Ottillie if you go in the winter the South Island will be postcard perfect! Even in Summer it's beautiful. I'm totally biased towards Wellington, especially as your SO is an artist. You'll love it!

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