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    Ottilie - I'm also glad that Dita doesn't have to move just yet. Because I'm pretty convinced she was just born a few weeks ago. It makes me feel really old when I realize how fast time seems to be passing since I had a kid.

    Oh, Sara, I'm laughing just imagining that. Thanks for the giggle at your expense Ivy's favorite position for the most of the pregnancy was transverse, and it was kind of awful. I'd be talking to a customer, and suddenly she'd flip transverse, and I'm sure the faces I made had them convinced that I was going to deliver right then and there. Oh, yeah, I'd like to put in a vote for Dagny. I'm not sure how you'll explain to your DH that Tara from the Internet gets a vote, but I know you'll figure it out!

    We're (okay, *I'm*) still on a major decluttering and cleaning kick here. I hope Industrious Tara sticks around for awhile, because SO MUCH still needs to be done. The kids' rooms still look like bombs went off in them, because I've had to pull everything out to go through it. I'll be so relieved to ship off this giant box of Ivy's old clothes to my friend!

    Martin has been perfecting his cannonball this week. I'm consistently finding that when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, he's doing the whole "butt out, knees to the chest, make myself as heavy as possibly in this one little area" thing. He did take a break from that after Bathroom Trip #2 last night... so that he could bang on my cervix for about 45 minutes. I was really counting on the second kid having a slightly less.... dynamic?... personality. His recent behavior has me trying to reset my expectations. A lot.
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    Hello All!

    Just quickly popping in again. Too funny about all the squirming, cannon balling babies out there! My little guy hasn't been too bad yet, at 22 weeks. I was in the middle of a meeting last week and just about bust out laughing when I got a few kicks to the bladder- it was such a funny feeling! Another funny thing- up until now people have been telling me I'm barely showing, I can't possibly be that far along, or my favorite, that I am lying and am not really pregnant! Well recently that has all changed. Suddenly I'm getting comments that I've popped all of a sudden, or that there must be two in there, or I am further along! Plus my belly has become the dreaded hand magnet! If it isn't one thing it is something else I suppose!

    Lovely name choices as well. I am trying to get my husband to settle on something! Now that everyone knows its a boy, we are getting the 'so what's his name' and 'have you picked colors for the nursery yet?' Well I mentioned before we will be moving into a larger one bedroom. Not as ideal as two. But it is in such a nice area, nice new flooring and carpeting, and beautiful! We couldn't pass it up. We may convert the dining room to a nursery eventually. But for now we are going to just be sharing the master. So choosing 'nursery colors' was difficult. But I think we settled on turquoise and canary- whimsical for baby boy, but still in good taste for husband and I. What do you think? It was either that or canary and navy.

    As for names- hubby is stuck choosing between Jameson and Noah. Noah had been my favorite since I was a child and just always stuck out in my mind. I know it's nothing exciting, it's just one of those things that I'm attached to! So of course I am all for Noah. We like Jameson as well but the funny thing is that neither of us really like James. Just Jameson. So we are nervous about not liking a name that is within the name haha. People on the boys board seem to think I'm crazy for not liking James but loving Jameson- can't explain it, it is just the case!

    Oh also on a side note I didnt take that retail job! Not the hours I hoped for, and when the manager mentioned that I would be bending down about 100 times in an hour, I wanted to run for the exit. Bending is becoming increasingly a pain!!

    Anyways I hope all is well with everyone today

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    Sara - 35 weeks, eek! Glad he is ok, must have been quite a shock. I don't envy her pushing on her back for two hours and it makes me so grumpy to hear that nurses are still advocating for things like that. Is she close enough for you to visit? Love the description of you as the chicken sitting in your pillow nest I think my three year old would be in heaven if I made her a pillow nest, haha.

    Ottilie - hope you're not still feeling so tired. Pregnancy is such a slog! I'm only 20.5 weeks and it feels like the finish line is so far away still.

    Babylove - another vote for Noah Jameson from me! Very cute

    TK - I'm hoping on a calmer #2 baby too. Please say it's true! Lol. Mila is such a firecracker, the idea of a placid baby that sleeps is... well, probably too good to be true, but I can dream.

    Things seem to be settling down my end. Bleeding has stopped, still getting cramps every now and then but not really heavy ones accompanying the bleeding like I was. I can still feel bubs kicking away so I hope that's the end of that! My husband has also secured a new job so we will be moving home sooner than I thought, hooray! The job is based in our hometown, it is a relief to know we will be repatriated and among family and friends instead of moving to another post overseas. I can't wait to get home, find a house and get settled before the baby comes.
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    Speaking of pushing for two hours on her back- I am a first time mom and haven't done much research on positions. Id like to be able to walk around if I'm able or lay on my side during labor. But I'm not too familiar about positions for pushing. I just assumed I'd like my back- did anyone have a position that worked really well for them?

    Saracita- I thing Dulcinea is gorgeous! Love it. we will be moving right around January 1st. So ill be about- 30 weeks I believe? It is right across town so not a HUGE move. We have lots of friends to help out too, so I'm hoping it will be relatively painless.

    Noah Jameson is very handsome! I am just a tad hesitant for a few reasons. I really want to honor my dad who passed away, with a middle name. So I was originally thinking Noah John. But in addition, it is tradition for babies in my family to receive a Hawaiian name. We COULD do Noah Jameson Keoni (Keoni is Hawaiian form of John I think). But I'm not too sure i love Jameson as a middle name. One of the main reasons I like it is because I could call him Jem, like from to kill a mockingbird. Cant really do that when it is in the middle spot. So my thought was Noah John or Jameson Michael (my dads middle name). But none of these are just screaming 'I am the ONE!' To my husband or I, like the girls name we had picked out did. Cora. Oh how I wish it was as easy as Cora!! :/

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