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    Ottillie- What you described sort of sounds like how it feels when I get a panic attack. It is really scary and almost feels like you're about to die! Unless you've had a lot of them it is hard to put your finger on it. Vertigo was a good guess too.

    Mila- I hope all goes well at your ultrasound. I would be going crazy right now- I worry WAY too much. Just try to relax and take it easy until then

    All this mother in law talk....I am glad I am not the only one! I feel exactly like an incubator too. Every time I talk about the baby or how I am feeling, she feels inclined to one-up my stories with talk about HER pregnancy was Or how HER babies were. And of course our baby boy is going to be EXACTLY like her sons. And apparently we are taking him camping this summer when he is just a few months old. (Never got that memo). And he will be just like his grandpa and uncle and love engines and motors and she is going to buy him a dirt bike and a car to ride around in. (I mean, could we wait till he is even walking or crawling first? Or even BORN for that matter?!) she keeps buying a million stuffed animals (but nothing practical) that I have no idea where to put! Oh and the name! When we first got pregnant I made the mistake of letting her know some of the names on our list. One of which was Isaac. To make Isaac sound more appealing to her (she hates classic names) I said that a nickname could be Ike! Well, our list has changed so much and I actually really dont like the name Ike OR Isaac. When we found out it was a boy and let everyone know, if course she asked what we were naming it. Learning from the last time, I told her we weren't sure yet (which we aren't. But wasnt about to tell her any names on the list). Well ever since then, she has been telling everyone that we want to name the baby Ike. When I informed her we were most definitley NOT naming the baby Ike, she said that she would be calling him that no matter what. I try to just roll things like this off my back but UGH?! I guess I'm just going to have to choose my battles!

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    Ottilie - Spooky! I'm going to agree it was probably just a combination of the wine & lithium and *ahem* cardio. I've definitely had way more "oh man I feel really weird" moments with this pregnancy so I totally get that fuzzy head/spinning brain feeling occasionally too (usually when I'm doing or just finished something active but haven't eaten in a while).

    A little update from me & mine: I've been able to wear my regular pants up til now (it's been so awesome) and all of a sudden NOPE, they are not comfortable at all. Suddenly I'm wearing sundresses in Canada in November! Little Indira must be dropping. I'm actually really excited about that because hopefully if she's moving down I'll get my lungs back... lately I've been noticing not really shortness of breath, but shallowness, does that make sense? Especially when I lay down to go to bed.
    I think Azula's finally over this batch of teething (in the last few weeks she's cut 6 teeth) so I'm hoping we'll have at least a couple good weeks before the next wave of fussiness. Hoping the rain holds off for Halloween because I'm super excited to take Azula out trick-or-treating this year (it was WAY too wet & cold to go last year). She is dressing up as an Ewok, it is pretty rad. I tried to post a photo of her in her costume but its not cooperating.

    Hope everyone's feelin' fine & all your babies are laying off your bladders!
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    I have a question for everyone with 2+ kiddos, what's it like going from one to two? From my real life friends I have heard a fair few horror stories, most people seem to say going from 1 to 2 is the hardest. Mila will be 3 years and 10 months old when #2 arrives.
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    Ottillie, hope it was just a one off weird combo of everything... I had a few dizzy spells last pregnacy that never amounted to anything, good luck .

    Rosalyn. Hi and congrats. We've got one week left till the 19 week scan. Can't wait!

    Sarahmez really very sorry to hear about your loss. Thinking positive thoughts for you that it will happen very soon.

    Sara, did you find any girls names as wonderful as Ragnar?

    Katie I got an asos delivery if maternity stuff today. Thank goodness cause my jeans no longer do up!! I hope Azula gas a fab halloween. Would love to see photos of a little ewok! Cute. We don't 'do' Halloween here but we were supposed to go to a costume party in the weekend. We had flintstones costumes but DH was sick so we didn't go.
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