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    I love:
    Sylvia not Sylvie (that's be the nn)- Love Sylvia, and Sylvie makes a cute nn.
    Blythe (mn - I love but hubby doesn't and then there is the AOGG connection)- What's AOGG? I love Blythe... it's one of those gems that always makes me smile when I see it. I've never met a Blythe, but I'd be overjoyed to meet one (no pun intended). I actually had this on the list, but 'th' is hard in this corner of the world, so it got taken off. Love this.
    Amayla- I much prefer Amalia, which is a wonderfully interesting name... as long as you don't mind correcting people when they say Amelia.
    Seraphina- Angelic. I love how it just rolls off the tongue. The Sera beginning makes it seem much more familiar than it really is...
    Acacia- One of the few flower names that I truly adore. I've never met an Acacia, but I find it quite feminine and charming.
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    Thank you all, turns out that hubby has warmed to Sylvia (while away for work he's been thinking and doing list Bless him!) so we have a few options now and I am feeling less stressed. Thanks again!

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