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Thread: Lola

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    my nn is Lola and I love it. Most people view it as a prostitute type name, but I find it to be adorable, fun, and spunky. A girl who loves make-up and pretty dresses, but also loves climbing trees and playing football with the boys. I do think it works better as a nickname than a full name though.
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    It makes me think of the Chiquita girl!

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    My grandmother is a Lola. In her younger days, she was blonde, very country, and traditional. She worked as a store clerk. She loves to laugh and gossip. I asked her about her name once, and she complained that the name Lola has never been popular, even in her day. Not sure if she dislikes her name because of its uniqueness or not.

    Anyhow, I would use it, but the song about the transvestite has never allowed me to think of it as a possible first name. I have thought about using Tallulah nn Lula or Dolores, or another short "L" name to honor her instead.

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