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    1. Sabrina Giselle
    2. Sabrina Claire
    3. Cecily Claire

    Sabrina is beautiful AND carries some spunk. Sabrina June is also lovely, but with your last name, that's a lot of "n" sounds at the end of the name.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! This is very helpful!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    Not a big Sabrina fan.... Prefer Chloe Sabine/Sabina.
    Thanks! I like your suggestion, but one of my best friends has a daughter named Sabine so that wouldn't work.

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    Lena Cecily, Cecily Claire and Sabrina Brooke are my favourites from your list.

    Cecily is gorgeous actually. Cecily Brooke would be nice too.

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    Sabrina Claire is a beautiful name.

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