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    Quote Originally Posted by milo2011 View Post
    What about Giselle Chloe?
    I'm not sure why, but I don't like Giselle as much for a first name. I do like the possibility of using Chloe as a middle though. Thanks!

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    I like Sabrina Claire.

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    My fav is Lena Cecily! Sorry!

    Next would be Sabrina Claire.

    What about Chloe June B-?

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    My very favorite of all of these is
    Cecily June. Beautiful name!!! Cecily is one of my absolute favorites.

    Of the others you listed, I like
    1. Claire Giselle (I tend to go for the classic names)
    2. Sabrina Claire
    3. Chloe Sabrina.

    Chloe is a lovely name, my main problem with it is I have found that it has become, like Lucy, Max, Sam, even Lily & Grace...a name that 2 of my friends have for their dogs . Hopefully you do not have this problem.

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    I tend to shy away from popular names, but I really like Chloe Sabrina. I work in healthcare and see 100+ patients a day, and I have yet to meet a little girl named Chloe (though I've seen several Olivias, Elizabeths, Isabellas and Sophias - and TWO Talons!). I also like Chloe Giselle quite a bit, and it feels faintly exotic, while Chloe Sabrina is more girl next door. But really, the only name I'm not fond of is Cecily. What is your first daughter's name?

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